Ski flying – Kraft in Planica behind Slovenian trio Quali-4.

Stefan Kraft took 4th place in the qualification for the Ski Flying World Cup in Planica with a jump of 222.5 meters!

The man from Salzburg was the best non-Slovene behind the local heroes Anze Lanisek (239 m), Timi Zajc (241.5) and Domen Prevc (230). The ÖSV-Adler was 15.6 points behind the qualifying winner Lanisek. The second-best Austrian was Jan Hörl, who managed a 233-meter leap, in 6th place. Hörl, however, had two more hatches than his compatriot the Norwegian overall World Cup winner Halvor Egner Granerud, who finished fifth with 220.5 meters, jumped from hatch 7 and thus did not manage the distances of the Slovenian top trio (hatch 8). Michael Hayböck (232.5 m / 8th), Daniel Tschofenig (226 m / 9th) and Manuel Fettner (207 m / 23rd) managed. Clemens Aigner (185.5 m / 47th) and Clemens Leitner (164 m /62.), on the other hand, missed the top 40.
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