Skull and Bones delays release to March 2023

Development hell continues to plague Ubisoft, with yet another postponement for its most anticipated game of the year. One more time, Skull and Bones comes to disappoint those who were waiting for it by postponing its release. Now scheduled for March 9, 2023, let’s hope nothing will hinder Ubisoft. They are already doing very well on their own.

This report, although very usual in the industry now, does not bring any real apologies for what happened. The Insider program, in place since March, has allowed developers to improve the game based on feedback received. If the studio now claims that Skull and Bones is well finished, its release would not have been perfect on the date initially announced. In order to bring the final corrective and balancing touches he needs, he was granted a reprieve.

But obviously, we can’t help but think that this postponement has another cause. On the same date, November 9, 2022, one of the most anticipated titles of the year is released, if not the most anticipated: God of War Ragnarok. A juggernaut so feared that the majority of games scheduled for the end of 2022 have been postponed to early 2023.

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