Skullgirls will add Marie in 2023 (finally)

Skullgirls had his EVO 2022 tournament finals on day one, but that doesn’t stop him from having some things to announce that the community has been waiting for a very, very long time. So we have at least to get our teeth into this before Guilty Gear Strive, King of Fighters XV and street fighter 6 (well we hope), make their character announcements.

Skullgirls stop detours

Skullgirls 2nd Encore and Skullgirls Mobile will therefore welcome Married in 2023. It must be said that the character is both the famous Skullgirl who gives her name to the game but also the main antagonist, so she was mentioned as a possible DLC from 2013. The developers claimed that her story mode was essential to understand the canonical plot of the game, just like that of Black Dahlia which will be released by then.

Fans should therefore finally be rewarded after 10 years of waiting. But we must recognize that the follow-up of the game has been very tumultuous over the years between the different versions, the changes of editors but also because of the behavior of the lead gameplay designer before and after the revelations on his toxic behavior.

Marie will be the last member of Season 1 of 2nd Again and as for Black Dahlia available in this form since June, those who have the Pass on PC will be able to test it in advance by participating in the alpha of the fighter. Scheduled for this year, the fourth character had been pushed back in May to next year in May, along with the announcement of Xbox releases that weren’t mentioned here.

Skullgirls 2nd Encore is available on PlayStation 4, Switch, PC, and even PS Vita which, unsurprisingly, doesn’t get updates and DLCs. The Switch will have them with a delay. Xbox One and Xbox Series versions are planned for this year.

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