Slavery in Ancient Egypt: Is the Bible True?

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According to Egyptologist Damien Agut-Labordère, “we must free ourselves from biblical-Hollywood images” before examining this particularly sensitive subject.

Interview by Romain Brethes

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MEsopotamia, democratic Athens, republican Rome… These civilizations, which were among the most brilliant in history, had recourse to slavery to ensure their proper functioning and guarantee their existence. But what about ancient Egypt? Was it also affected by slavery and, if so, in what form? Damien Agut-Labordère, Egyptologist, epigraphist, specialist in demotic writing and the history of the Ier millennium before our era, sheds light on this reality.

Point : In “The Worlds of Slavery”, a work published in 2021 under the direction of Paulin Ismard (Le Seuil), ancient Egypt is not mentioned. Does this mean that this society was neither slavery nor slavery, like those of Greece or ancient Rome, for repre…

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