Sleeping in the heat: self-experiment shows which trick cools you down

Sleep in the heat
Self-experiment shows what really helps

Sleeping on hot nights can be almost impossible in summer – but there are tricks that can help.


When the temperatures rise outside, it can be impossible to fall asleep at all at night. A self-experiment shows which strategies you use to be successful.

Hot summer nights stand for fun, company, romance and hot passion for good reason: All of this becomes even more beautiful when it stays so warm even after dark that we would like to party all night in the lightest summer dress. What is expressly not mentioned in the list of summer night benefits is the part where we sometimes just want to sleep at night, but unfortunately cannot because of the great heat. But don’t worry: even if the temperatures outside have climbed above 30 degrees, we don’t have to do without our sleep.

Sleeping When It’s Hot: What Really Works

In a self-experiment, a shared flat is testing three different means of relieving the heat in the bedroom: a mini air conditioning system, a gel mat that is put straight into bed from the refrigerator and the classic calf wraps that our great-grandparents used to fight the summer heat to have. The practical test shows that one of the remedies actually helps you fall asleep relaxed even in midsummer – in the video you can see what you should try.

Source: RTL