Sleeves too long? With this styling trick they are history

Styling trick
Sleeves too long – no longer a problem with this hack

Sleeves too long? Thanks to this trick story!

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Leather jacket, blazer or jacket – sleeves that are too long kill any look. With this hack, sleeves that are too long are a thing of the past.

Who does not know it? The coolest leather jacket found, for a reasonable price, the joy of your new favorite piece couldn’t be greater. But there is a catch – and it comes in two versions. It’s located on both sides of your new favorite piece and puts you in a really bad mood. Sleeves that are too long are not only annoying, they are also not very attractive. We’ll show you the ultimate hack on how to get rid of sleeves that are too long in no time.

Once upon a time, sleeves were too long

They hang in the food, in the coffee, reaching over somewhere becomes a challenge, because sleeves that are too long magically absorb everything that comes in their way. It quickly looks unsavory, and in the worst case scenario, we end up with stains that cannot be removed even when washing. That would have been it with one or a part of our wardrobe. We discovered a styling trick on Instagram that frees us from long sleeves in no time at all. You don’t need a pair of scissors, a needle and thread to cut off the excess fabric and sew it around; you only need two hair ties, of course you can also use kitchen ties or other elastic bands.

Styling hack: shopping properly

Cuffed sleeves look casual, cool and stylish – but they usually slide down again quickly and are therefore very annoying. With the trick that Instagram user “” shows on her channel, the sleeves pushed up stay exactly where they should be.

Because the trick is basically very simple: you attach a hair elastic a little above the lower end of the sleeve, then push the entire sleeve up to the length you want it to be, pull out a little bit of fabric above the elastic, which you then pull out grabs over the rubber to hide it. Complete. The sleeves are significantly shorter in no time at all, without much effort.

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