Slimane dad of a little girl “born two months in advance” and in the hospital: “I worry about her”

Upset by the first complicated weeks of his daughter, Slimane saw the tears come to his eyes but wanted to reassure his community: “I’m a dad, I’m happy, she’s fine, she’s better“. Aware that some might blame him for not having revealed anything, Vitaa’s sidekick explained: “If I didn’t tell you about it before, it’s because I’ve been going back and forth to the hospital for twenty-five days, and I’m just waiting for my daughter to get better, that I have my ear resting on her to hear if she is breathing, that I have my eyes glued to the monitor to check that she is not having tachycardia“.

Slimane knows what he wants at all costs: for his daughter to get better and for him to be “the best of dads for her“. Internet users were quick to reassure him. Among them, Gil Alma, ex-star of Our dear neighbors : “Focus on that love that you said can never be taken away from you! Focus on the positive, there are so many!“His fans also reassured the artist with their comforting words:”You will be the best of dads, enjoy this moment of happiness“, “Full of courage for your daughter, she is a fighter“, “We all hope that your daughter will be better and that she will grow up in the best conditions.“. A perfect remedy to relieve his pain.

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