Slimane in depression, he confides


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In a podcast devoted to “The Voice”, Slimane returned to his remarkable participation in 2016, at a rather complicated moment in his life.

Since his participation in “The Voice”, Slimane has met with great success with the public. After multiple postponements due to the pandemic, he returned to the concert halls with his sidekick Vitaa. Both are currently on tour throughout France, to promote their album “VersuS”, released in 2019.

On the occasion of the anniversary season of the TF1 singing competition, Slimane gave himself up to some secrets about his participation in the tele-hook. In a podcast entitled “The Voice All Stars”, he admitted that his time on TF1 opened the doors to the world of music. “I had a last-ditch idea because I’ve been trying for years to be successful, lugging around everywhere. I was getting to an age where I was trying to move on. If that didn’t work out. , I told myself that I had to live differently “, he tells the microphone of Nikos Aliagas.

“I had just lost 30kg”

The 31-year-old singer, who had offered a remarkable performance of Vitaa’s song “À fleur de toi”, returned to this musical choice with very special symbolism. “I never talked about it but I had really fought to sing this song. It really represented what I was going through.” The interpreter of “Paname” says it frankly: he participated in the show while he was going through a period of depression. “When I got to ‘The Voice’ I had just lost 30kg but the 30kg I lost because I was in a romantic depression.”

And when it came time to interpret his title, one thing was clear to him. “I only think of the person I’m singing this song for. For the first time, I was not singing to be told that I was singing well but I was singing so that this person would listen to me. I sang for peace and I believe I was heard “. Like him, other participants in “The Voice” confided that the show had changed their lives. This is the case of Anne Sila who was then going through a personal tragedy in 2014, or Louis Delort who says he is more mature and more fulfilled since his passage in 2012.

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