Slimane “more and more in love” with his daughter: he pours out his happiness with Esmeralda

More and more in love with her

However, these are the concerns that were at the forefront, last January, when the baby was born. Indeed, Esmeralda was born almost two months in advance, causing health complications and forcing Slimane to leave her in the hospital longer than expected. “I’ve been worrying about her for a month, struggling to breathe sometimes, struggling to feed herself too.” Was he worried. More fear than harm therefore for Vitaa’s sidekick, since everything has since returned to normal. The young dad can now fully enjoy his daughter.

I’m more and more in love with her“, he was moved in the face of Nikos Aliagas. “Every time I change a diaper, every time I give her a bottle, every time she looks at me“, he continued. This birth was also a way for the artist to understand the state the worry in which a parent can put himself for his child. “Since I became a father, I know that my father worries about me“, he said, before adding that since the birth of Esmeralda, he has even more “respect” for his parents. Nice words for his family.

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