Slimming: Slim with the 20 minute trick


For a new study, US researchers have investigated the methods by which people who lose weight can achieve the greatest successes. For this purpose 150 subjects were observed over six months. The surprising result: The largest decrease was recorded by people who consistently kept a food diary. Between about 15 and 23 minutes daily, the subjects spent eating down on consumed foods and drinks, including nutritional information. For this they lost an average of ten percent of their body weight in the six months. The researchers suspect that the effect can be attributed to the pure self-reflection: One recognizes from the records rather, if one eats too much or wrong and can react accordingly.

Weight loss: Slim thanks to diabetes drug?

Medicine has apparently discovered a new all-round drug: Metformin, which is used in diabetes, should not only have potential anti-aging properties, but according to a new study can also help with weight loss. The study looked at approximately 3,000 subjects who had elevated blood glucose levels, were overweight or obese. One group received metformin, one a placebo, the third a so-called intensive lifestyle intervention (“ILS”, diet and exercise plan).

The participants were followed for 15 years and measured how much they lost in their first year of study and whether they were able to maintain their weight over the long term. The result: The ILS group more often lost at least five percent of their total weight, the metformin group only 2.1 percent. But the subjects in the metformin group were more likely to lose weight over a longer period than the control groups. Although the drug did not help everyone, it helped many subjects maintain weight loss.

Weight Loss: No problem with the quark diet

The Quarkmaske is a thing of the past: Today we push our kilos on the Pelle! Quark – or in this case, lean quark – contains hardly any calories, but comes with plenty of protein and plenty of calcium. And since low-carb at the latest , we know how important protein is when slimming down, because it helps our muscles to grow and lasts for a long time. Who wants to lose weight with quark, should combine it with healthy other life centers: Mornings z. For example, quark serves as a spread for crispbread and at noon as a sauce substitute for potatoes. In the evening, for example, it can be mixed with berries, fruits and a few oatmeal. Bon Appetit!

Weight Loss: Stars Swear on New York Diet

Simply put, the New York Diet by David Kirsch is about largely avoiding carbohydrates ( low carb ). Two weeks in Phase One, a maximum of 900 calories are consumed, mainly by protein foods. In phase two, carbohydrates and fats may be eaten in moderation for six weeks, with 800 to 1,200 calories allowed. Finally, phase three should be monitored continuously – 1,000 to 1,200 calories may be consumed, once a week a cheat meal is allowed. But in the evening you should generally do without carbohydrates. With the method you can lose weight quickly because the diet is very one-sided, but it is not recommended in the long run.

Weight Loss: These are the top 3 diet mistakes

Are you one of those people who have tried dozens of diets without success? Maybe you unconsciously sabotage yourself! These habits could be responsible for the fact that it simply does not work with losing weight:

  • You do not sleep enough. As a result, your body produces more ghrelin – this hormone, among other things, activates the feeling of hunger and slows down energy expenditure.
  • You do not eat dairy in the morning. But we need calcium from milk, yogurt and Co. for blood clotting and muscle contraction – this has a positive effect on weight loss.
  • You only do endurance training. If you build muscle mass, you can also burn more fat – so you should do weight training at least twice a week.

You will find even more possible reasons here: 18 habits that make losing weight difficult .

Slimming: With the Epsom salt diet to the dream figure

Epsom salt is a mixture of minerals that is composed of sulfur, magnesium and oxygen and tastes very salty and bitter – hence the name. It binds water, purifies and improves metabolic processes, which is why it is currently used in many celebrities in detox and fasting. To lose weight, a coated teaspoon of Epsom salt is best dissolved in lukewarm water and, if possible, drunk in one go. Important: The Epsom salt diet should only be tested in consultation with a doctor.

Slimming: Slim with the apple cider vinegar diet?

Do not worry: the apple cider vinegar diet is not about drinking only cider vinegar. Instead, a glass of wine is drunk about 15 minutes before each meal. For this, the apple cider vinegar is diluted with water and sweetened with honey. The healthy ingredients of apple cider vinegar are supposed to stimulate fat burning and keep blood sugar levels constant. But can the apple cider vinegar diet really help you lose weight? Rather not – because in addition it is recommended to limit the daily calorie intake to 1,200 to 1,400 calories. The possible weight loss is therefore due rather to the alleged miracle drink!

Weight loss: With BMI calculator to the ideal weight

Am I actually overweighting – or is the ratio between my height and weight ideal? This is exactly what the so-called BMI (Body Mass Index) reveals. Our BMI Calculator will tell you in tabular form whether your weight is harmless – in general, a BMI between 19 and 24 is considered normal. However, one must note that the value does not differentiate between fat and muscle: Only those who actually have a high body fat percentage and therefore few muscles, should rethink their dietary habits: You can find our weight loss tips here.

Losing weight: burn calories while standing!

Anyone who sits all day does not do any good for his health. But there is another good reason why you should ask for a bar table in the office: A study has shown that you can lose weight in the long term if you stand for several hours every day and do not sit. The researchers analyzed data from around 1,200 participants. Their conclusion: With an average weight of 65 kilograms, you can burn around 0.15 calories per minute when standing upright when sitting up. With six hours of sitting a day, this already makes 54 calories and provides about 2.5 kilos less on the scale per year!

Weight Loss: Fast slim completely without sports?

There’s always an excuse not to have to go to the fitness center: you’re totally exhausted after the hard day’s work or since the last Leg Day your knee is tugging. Here comes the good news for all sports muffle: Even without sports slimming is possible! Already by switching small habits in everyday life, we can melt the fat. For example, in the future we will simply take the stairs instead of the elevator, sleep well and pay even more attention to our diet – which should consist primarily of protein. All tips you can find here: Losing weight without sports .

Losing weight: This lunch mistake harms you!

Quickly checked in parallel to the meal Facebook or Instagram – promptly we kill more calories than we actually wanted. This is the regrettable result of a study by Brazilian researchers. Anyone who gets distracted by the food and the media (and notably the smartphone as well as a magazine!) Loses the link to how much he has eaten. So next time at lunch simply put Smarthone and Co. aside and concentrate only on the taste – then it works with the tumbling pounds. All study results can be found here: This lunch error increases us faster.

Losing weight: So it works without hunger!

Who wants to be beautiful, must suffer – or starve, when it comes to losing weight? This is an outdated assumption! With these tips, you can lose weight without starving:

  • Eat only when you are really hungry: Often we confuse hunger with thirst. Before you bite into the next best roll, drink a big glass of water and check if your appetite goes away!
  • Swap Wisely: Seek Healthier Alternatives – For example, margarine can be easily replaced with skim curd and instead of the greasy rumpsteak, better lean chicken should end up on the plate.

You can find even more great tips in the article Losing weight without hunger !

Losing weight: fast slim thanks Berberin?

Berberine has been used more in traditional Chinese medicine as a remedy for various ailments in the gastrointestinal tract, against poisoning and diabetes. A US study showed in 2012 that berberine can reduce body fat. The reason: It activates the enzyme Adenosine Monophosphate Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) in the body, which inhibits the growth of fat cells.The effect is similar to a calorie-restricted diet and exercise. Therefore, some weight-loss experts now recommend around three capsules of berberine daily. But: A long-term weight loss should not be achieved on the intake of nutritional supplements! Therefore one should use the capsules maximally for a short cure.