Slow down hobbies: 18 tips to slow down

Everyday life can sometimes be quite overwhelming. With slow-down hobbies you will find your inner peace again and will then be able to focus better.

The world is becoming ever more fast-moving, the pace to achieve something is constantly increasing and is currently making it particularly difficult for us to keep up. But withstanding the pressure of society should not be our main job. Instead, we should rather focus on our develop your own paceto stop being influenced by social media and the lives of those around us – at least not in a way that makes us doubt ourselves. Offer a good opportunity to decelerate and focus Slow Down Hobbies. As their name suggests, these pastimes are designed to help us Reduce stress or not let it flare up in the first place. After all, this is one of the ways to a healthy mental state.

Make time for yourself – That’s why the Me-Time is so important for all of us

Constant noise doesn’t leave us any more room for our own thoughts. This leads to the fact that we may even lose ourselves a bit, no longer really know ourselves, feel strange in our own body because we no longer know what we are feeling. You can unlearn to listen to your inner voice, this instinct you have, but you can also learn it again. That’s why spending time with yourself is so important. Of course, that also depends on what kind of person you are. Extroverts recharge their battery by socializing; Introverts tend to be drained and seek relaxation in peace. But either way, is a Dealing with yourself is important for everyone. And you can also put down your smartphone, tablet or laptop in your free time to simply watch the hustle and bustle around you. Instead of the digital gap filler, you look for a hobby that helps you switch off and relax so that you can focus clearly again and no longer have the feeling of wearing an invisible veil.

These slow down hobbies are relaxing

When it comes to Germans’ favorite leisure activity, several trend reports make it clear: actively looking for something to do with your mind and body is more in demand than ever. Burn-outs are no longer uncommon and mental health is therefore becoming all the more important. And you don’t get that through paralyzing leisure activities that only take place on the smartphone, tablet, PC or television. Much better at Focus and turn off help hobbies like jigsaw puzzles, reading or baking. To get a feeling for what might become your slow-down hobby, we will show you the favorite activities of the Germans:

  • Read
  • gardening
  • Cook and bake
  • Hike
  • solve riddles
  • casting resin (for jewelry)
  • Renovate
  • Cycling, jogging, swimming, general fitness training
  • Dance

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Draw/Paint Mandalas

Drawing also has a relaxing and focussing effect. be it with Acrylics on a canvas or with colored pencils and mandalas – if you actively sit down to paint, it will not only be yours relax your headyou will too think clearer be able. Solutions to problems can be found especially if you don’t tense up, but switch off for a while and then approach the matter from a different perspective.


Are you not a jogging fan, but would you like to do sports to clear your head and do something good for your body in the long term? Then how about one mixture of Meditation, Yoga and Pilates? All three sports are Relaxation and training at the same time. Cramps can be released, you become calmer and stronger – not only physically, but also mentally. The big advantage of sport as a hobby is the effect on the body, because during this time, among other things endorphins and serotonin released. The latter is known as the happiness hormone and makes us feel better, sometimes even psyched. Endorphins, on the other hand, make pain seem less resilient. While this primarily affects physical pain, the general feeling of being less vulnerable helps with well-being.

play board games

There are days when we prefer not to leave the house. There are too many people on the street, and so are those in the supermarket, and we don’t even want to start with those on public transport. the flood of peoplewhich seems to be waiting for us on our doorstep, can sometimes frightening and frightening be. But instead of submitting to this fear, in most cases it is better to do it afterwards faced with this situation to have. Seeking out society instead of avoiding it helps us in the long run to be more social again, to think more empathetically and to share with others again. A good way to get there Board games like monopoly or Uno. It doesn’t matter whether you’re with friends or family. Because playing together has a special effect on us: if we feel comfortable with the people we spend time with, we relax. Parlor games have the advantage that it is not primarily about meeting many people, but about developing a certain fighting spirit and dealing socially with your competition, i.e. your fellow players.

Other hobbies you might enjoy include:

  • taking photos
  • DIY
  • write short stories
  • write diary
  • make video films
  • fishing
  • gaming

how to start

All beginnings are difficult? Not with the right hobby. As children we knew what we liked to do. Maybe you still have this same hobby as back then, but haven’t found the time to pursue it again? Or you have since for something new develops an enthusiasm. No matter how old this hobby is, now is the right time to start it (again).

Choose one for that Period in which you will certainly not be disturbed. For some it’s in the morning, for others it’s more in the evening after work or at the weekend. You don’t necessarily have to choose a fixed time when you always want to pursue your hobby. At some point you will find your own rhythm with it and realize when it works best for you. In some cases, prior organization is required, for example if you have children and are looking for a babysitter or partner to take over. Once that’s done, you can start preparing for your hobby. What do you need for this? Painting supplies, hiking boots or a book? Get it and start with it as soon as you have the peace and fully commit yourself to it. When you start a new hobby, it may not quite match what you had in mind. This is perfectly fine and also normal. Sometimes it takes a little time to find what is right for you, such as with sports. Not everyone likes to run, but maybe they prefer swimming. This is part of the learning process about yourself, in which you also get to know yourself better.

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