Small obligatory committee, she asks her grandmothers to be her bridesmaids

Megan Kennedy, a young Briton, had planned a big wedding. However, the social distancing put in place to stem the coronavirus pandemic decided otherwise. With only 15 guests possible, she has found the perfect bridesmaids: her two grandmothers!

Megan Kennedy and Thomas Cahoon met in 2017 and have been living a cloudless love affair ever since. The couple were initially supposed to get married in March 2020 but their union was subject to many ups and downs. The ceremony had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Following the social distancing put in place to limit the spread of the disease, the two lovebirds found themselves forced to reduce the list of 200 guests to just 30 to respect the barrier measures put in place in London.

In October 2020, Megan Kennedy and Thomas Cahoon were ready to say "yes" to each other for life but the guidelines have changed again. "Only 15 people could be invited to our wedding", Megan Kennedy explained to Insider. The couple then invited only family members to the ceremony. As a result, the bridesmaid chosen by the bride could no longer attend the happy event. However, the young woman has found two very special replacements! Indeed, she simply asked her grandmothers to be her bridesmaids. 80-year-old Gillian Holloway and 90-year-old Mary Kennedy are very close to their granddaughter and therefore were thrilled to play such a big part at her wedding. "I just said, 'Look, I would love for you to be here with me. You are the most important people to me. We just want you to feel like VIPs.', said Megan Kennedy.

The bride made the safety of her grandmothers a priority throughout the ceremony. Everyone was asked to respect barrier gestures and social distancing. As for Megan Kennedy and Thomas Cahoon, they isolated themselves as much as they could during the 10 days before the wedding in order to decrease the risk of contamination.

The bride was particularly moved to reunite with her grandmothers at the ceremony as she had not been able to see them frequently in 2020. “There has been nothing but bad news this year, especially for them, and it's been a really scary time. It was nice for them to feel special.”the bride said, adding that her grandmothers were very proud to be bridesmaids.

They were able to pose for a few photos before leaving the ceremony which was like a breath of fresh air after a very difficult year. As for the newlyweds, they hope to be able to celebrate their union with a big celebration at the end of 2021.

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