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Nuki Smart Door

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Household robots save the work in the household. One drives through the apartment and vacuums, the next wipes afterwards or does both. Vacuum robots in particular have made a good leap in recent years. The robots have become significantly better and recognize obstacles using a wide variety of sensors. The vacuum robot comparison shows you the best vacuum robots, alternatively you can see all vacuum robot tests here.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro Yeedi Vac 2 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2 1

short test

China false flag vacuum cleaner robot

Roborock S50 review

The word Xiaomi only appears in the app and yet the vacuum robot Roborock Sweep One S50 can confidently be described as the successor to the almost legendary Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum. …

Neato Botvac D5 Connected 17

short test

Without batting a laser eyelash!

Neato D5 Connected vacuum robot tested

The Neato D5 Connected vacuum cleaner robot did its job inconspicuously in the test and was therefore really good. At one point or another, however, we would have liked more sensitivity from the …

May the know the rest. Now, hurry up cleaning up this mess!

short test

The empire eats dust

Star Wars vacuum robot Samsung VR7000 PowerBot in the test

Whenever we’re in a bad mood, we remind ourselves that Darth Vader vacuums the house. No joke! Samsung gave us the PowerBot VR7000 in the Star Wars Edition for this test…

iRobot Roomba 895 4

short test

Upper middle class vacuum cleaner robot

iRobot Roomba 895 review

Increased performance, ideal for animal hair, WLAN and app connection: This is how iRobot outlines the vacuum cleaning robot Roomba 895 and the identically constructed 896. In the test, we quickly found out: the vacuum cleaner can …

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Smart thermostats help you save money in your smart home. You can find out which models are recommended and what to look out for when buying them in detailed individual tests or in a large comparison of all smart thermostats. We also give you the right information to justify the acquisition costs.

[TITELBILD]  With the smart Eurotronic Comet DECT thermostat, most radiators can be remotely controlled. [TITELBILD]  With the smart thermostat Eurotronic Comet DECT, most radiators can be remotely controlled.
Smart home newcomer: How does the Wiser radiator thermostat fare in the test?

short test

Tempering while flying blind

Wiser radiator thermostat tested

The traditional company Eberle also wants to heat in the smart home with its subsidiary brand Wiser Heat. We tested the Wiser radiator thermostat.

The temperature can be manually adjusted to within half a degree using the rotary control.

short test

save heating costs

Purchasing Advisor

This is how you lower your heating costs in winter

heat properly

You dread the heating bill, but you don’t want to do without a warm home in winter? With our tips for the right heating you can lower your heating costs.

Smart home newcomer: How does the Wiser radiator thermostat fare in the test?

short test

With these WLAN thermostats you save on heating costs

Smart thermostats being tested

Are you already trembling before the next heating bill? Smart WiFi thermostats help you cut costs. Our comparison test shows the best models.

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Many have certainly heard of “Thermomix”, but there are other manufacturers who have brought smart food processors onto the market. First and foremost Monsieur Cuisine, who is always available at Lidl, but also Krups. Of course we also like to eat, reason enough to compare the food processors with each other.

Monsieur Cuisine Connect is the name of Lidl's new smart food processor. Monsieur Cuisine Connect is the name of Lidl's new smart food processor.
Thermomix 5

short test

Not just something for muffle cooks

Thermomix TM6 in the test

The Thermomix TM6 is the latest generation of smart food processors from Vorwerk. Is the TM6 the holy grail of kitchen appliances? We tested it for you.

Meater+ (2019) 1

short test

A bluetooth thermometer for carnivores

Meater Plus in the test and in the video

The Meater Plus measures the temperature inside your piece of meat and communicates it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. In our test, we found out how easy it is to do this and…

Cookidoo - the Thermomix recipe portal from Vorwerk

Purchasing Advisor

The Thermomix recipe portal is that good

Testing Cookidoo

Cookidoo is Vorwerk’s official recipe portal for the Thermomix. Find out everything about the recipes, subscription, prices and the app in our test.

Thermomix TM5 with cook key

Purchasing Advisor

These helpers complement the TM6 (TM5) perfectly

Thermomix accessories

From the cook key to the flower of dough: With the right accessories, working with the Thermomix from Vorwerk is even easier.

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Here you will find all comparisons of various smart home gadgets. Regardless of whether it is a complete smart home system, socket or light. Everything that has anything to do with Smart Home, we put in here. The comparison of WLAN sockets or the surveillance camera comparison provide you with an overview.

The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box convinced us in the short test because of the precise and delay-free lighting effects. The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box convinced us in the short test because of the precise and delay-free lighting effects.
Lined up like three organ pipes, the Philips Hue filament lamps present themselves in a short test.

short test

The Philips Hue Smart Plug transmits with either Bluetooth or Zigbee.  Both radio chips are installed.

short test

Well swam with the current

Philips Hue Smart Plug in a short test

Philips Hue finally offers a smart adapter. Is it a good alternative? The Philips Hue Smart Plug in a short test.

Telekom Magenta Smart Home

short test

The complete system for absolute beginners

Magenta SmartHome in the test

With Magenta Smart Home, Telekom also offers a smart home system. But does the market still need such a system? We were skeptical and were taught better in the test.

Aldi light8

short test

Müller light tint in the test

Philips Hue competitor at Aldi

Have you been planning to purchase a smart lighting system for a long time, but Philips Hue and Co are too expensive for you? From the end of January, Aldi will be adding the affordable tint system from Müller Licht to its range. …

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