Smic, pensions, stamp price … What changes on January 1, 2022

Revaluation of the minimum wage, entry into force of the anti-waste law, increased stamp price: the novelties to have in mind for this new year.

The arrival of a new year brings its share of changes, and many of them take effect on January 1, 2022. Le Figaro make the point.

Increase in minimum wage

Taking inflation into account, the minimum wage will benefit from an automatic revaluation of 0.9% at the start of 2022. The amount of the gross hourly minimum wage will stand at 10.57 euros, or 1,603 euros per month. on a 35 hour basis.

The minimum wage had already increased by 2.2% in October 2021, in reaction to the increase in the price index.

Labor Minister Elisabeth Borne announced that there would be no additional help from the State for the minimum wage, specifying that in one year, “ it had increased by 3.1% or 48 euros more per month“.

Revaluation of pensions

The retirement pensions of the general scheme will be revalued to the tune of 1.1%. According to the website, “this revaluation will concern all basic pensions with the exception of those for lawyers. It will apply to pensions for retirees in the private sector, the civil service, special schemes and the self-employed.“. This increase will be received by beneficiaries on the January 2022 pension, paid in February.

Lower income tax

In order to take into account the effects of inflation on the level of household taxation, the brackets of the income tax scale will be revalued by 1.4% in 2022. “The scale of the neutral rate for the withholding tax will therefore also be revalued.», Specifies the site

Home employment tax credit

As of January 1, 2022, the tax credit for the employment of a home-based employee will no longer be paid every 6 months, but every month. To do this, you simply need to activate your Cesu + account. The employee must also create his own and enter his bank details. If the measure concerns “direct employers”, The same system will be put in place for people using a service provider from April 2022.

Extended meal voucher ceiling

During the health crisis, the daily ceiling for meal vouchers had been doubled from 19 to 38 euros. This measure is extended until February 28, 2022. These tickets are valid in restaurants and delivery, including weekends and public holidays. Please note, in supermarkets and food stores, the daily limit remains at 19 euros.

New 2 euro coin

As part of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, a new two-euro coin will be put into circulation from 1er January 2022. An oak and an olive tree will be engraved on this new coin. “A form of peace and wisdom” said Secretary of State for European Affairs Clément Beaune.

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Increase in the price of stamps

Postal rates are increasing. On January 1, the price of the green stamp, for a cover delivered within 48 hours in mainland France, will drop from 1.08 to 1.16 euros. The red stamp, for a priority letter, will rise from 1.28 euros to 1.43 euros. You will have to pay 1.66 euros for a followed letter, 1.14 euros for an Écopli and 4.55 euros for a registered letter.

The “emergency patient package

No more user fees to calculate the “remains at charge»When you go to the emergency room without the result of hospitalization. From now on, a flat-rate invoice of 19.61 euros will be given to you when you leave. If you have complementary health insurance, it will be sent to them directly. Some will remain exempt from this new package, such as pregnant women or beneficiaries of State Medical Aid (AME). The user fee remains valid if you are hospitalized.

New measures for people with disabilities

As part of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH), a new flat-rate allowance of 5,000 euros on the spouse’s income is planned for 2022. This will represent a monthly gain of 110 euros and will concern 120,000 couples.

On the other hand, the maximum duration of attribution of the compensatory disability allowance (PCH) will henceforth be extended to ten years on 1 January. And when the handicap is not likely to improve, it is awarded without a time limit. PCH is financial assistance intended to compensate for the loss of autonomy in daily life, including social life. Its minimum award period is one year.

Extended Culture Pass

From 1er January 2022, the Culture Pass will be extended to young people aged 15 to 17. It provides access to a credit of 20 euros for those aged 15 and 30 euros for young people aged 16 and 17. Previously, it only concerned 18-year-olds.

To activate the Culture Pass, you must download the dedicated application and complete the registration form. This allows you to book and pay for a multitude of cultural offers: books, concerts, theaters, museums, music lessons …

Extended Sport Pass

In order to take into account the seasonality of all sports disciplines and allow all those who were not familiar with the device at the start of the school year to benefit from it“, The government has decided to extend the Sport Pass until February 28, 2022. As a reminder, this device is an aid of 50 euros to finance the registration of a child in a sports club.

It concerns recipients of the back-to-school allowance, the disabled adult allowance and the disabled child education allowance. Children aged 6 to 17 can benefit from it as well as adults aged 16 to 30 receiving AAH.

Entry into force of the law against waste and for the circular economy

Many provisions of this law of February 2020 come into force on January 1, 2022. The government has communicated them:

  • ban on plastic overwrapping for fruits and vegetables weighing less than 1.5 kg, plastic tea bags, plastic toys distributed free of charge in fast food
  • obligation to have water fountains in establishments open to the public
  • obligation to use the Triman logo, accompanied by information on the sorting of the product
  • obligation for internet access providers and mobile operators to display information on the quantity of data consumed, as well as the equivalent of the corresponding greenhouse gas emissions
  • prohibition for the textile industry to eliminate their unsold products in order to boost the donation
  • ban on disposing of hygiene products
  • possibility for pharmacies to sell drugs individually

Extension of the legal guarantee of conformity

Consumer protection extends to the legal guarantee of conformity to digital products (subscription to a digital channel, purchase of an online video game, rental of an online movie, etc.) from January 1.

In addition, the legal guarantee of conformity for used products is extended by 6 months. From now on, a lack of conformity appearing within 12 months on a second-hand product is presumed to exist at the time of purchase, unless proven otherwise.

France Renov ‘platform

Provided for by the climate and resilience law, the government is launching from January 1 the France Renov ‘platform: a new public service that offers free advice to all households wishing to carry out energy renovation work at home. The service will include a simulator to estimate the cost of a site. All state aid, such as Ma Prime Rénov ‘, will be listed there. A dedicated telephone number (0 808 800 700) and a network of 450 counters to welcome the public will also be set up. Finally, Renov ‘Accompanists will be able to help families choose the energy transition model that suits them best.

New auto penalty

As of January 1, passenger vehicles weighing more than 1.8 tonnes will receive a new purchase penalty. This will be paid at the same time as the gray card. Its price is set at 10 euros per extra kilogram. Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will not be affected by this penalty, as will hydrogen-powered cars and those adapted for people with reduced mobility. Exemptions are also provided for large families. Professionals will only be taxed from 2.2 tonnes if the vehicle has at least eight seats.

The CO2 penalty is also changing. It will now apply from 128 grams of CO2 / km (instead of 133 grams of CO2 / km) with, for this level of pollution, a tax of 50 euros. It will then rise to reach 40,000 euros for a level above 223 grams of CO2 / km.

Mobility title

On the same principle as the meal voucher, the mobility voucher will allow employees to pay for some of their home-work journeys paid for by their company. It will include the sustainable mobility package: coverage of up to 600 euros for travel costs using alternative modes to private cars, without contributions or taxes. It will also make it possible to pay for the fuel or supply of electric, hybrid or hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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