Smic, social aid, rents, tobacco… Everything that changes on May 1

This Sunday, May 1, a number of adjustments come into effect, mostly due to the high inflation of recent weeks. “Libé” makes the rounds.

On May 1, it’s not just the workers who form the procession. This Sunday is also marked by a parade of increases, starting with those of the minimum wage and various social benefits. Freed goes over the main adjustments that come into effect when the month changes.

The minimum wage goes above 1,300 euros net

The increase is automatic as soon as consumer prices soar. Due to inflation, the minimum wage is revalued by 2.65% from this Sunday and crosses the monthly bar of 1,300 euros net. For a full-time worker, the monthly minimum wage now stands at 1,645.58 euros gross or 1,302.64 euros net, after an increase of 34 euros. The gross hourly minimum wage goes from 10.57 to 10.85 euros. This increase will directly benefit just over two million employees, according to the Ministry of Labor.

This is the third time in seven months that the minimum wage has been raised. In January, the minimum wage increased by 0.9% after an exceptional increase of 2.2% in October, already due to inflation. Over one year – from May 2021 to May 2022 – the minimum wage will have increased by 5.9%, or 72 euros net.

Indirect consequence of this rise in the minimum wage: many branches will find themselves with minimum wages, defined by their collective agreements, again exceeded by the minimum wage. Of the 171 branches covering more than 5,000 employees, 67 displayed at the end of March, even before this revaluation, a grid comprising at least one coefficient lower than the minimum wage. The CFDT claims that these branches be forced to open negotiations in order to continue to benefit from exemptions from social security contributions for salaries below 1.6 smic. The CGT proposes that each increase in the minimum wage gives rise to an automatic revaluation of the minima of the branch. Something to talk about in the processions on Sunday.

The salary of the lowest paid civil servants too

It is precisely to prevent the salary of certain civil servants from falling below the minimum wage that the minimum salary index for public officials is automatically increased on May 1. From this Sunday, the salary of the lowest paid agents of the State, territorial and hospital public services, will amount to 1,649.48 euros gross monthly for full-time, an increase of 9 index points. increased. Or 1,302.64 euros net monthly, that is to say the exact correspondence with the minimum wage. The measure concerns 700,000 agents, according to the Ministry of Public Service.

Social benefits increased by 1.8%

Another consequence of inflation: various social aids are revalued by 1.8%. Announced on April 1, this increase will be visible on the benefits that will be paid in May. Among the aid concerned: the RSA (Active solidarity income), the AAH (Allowance for disabled adults), the ARS (Back to school allowance), the activity bonus and the birth and adoption bonus. Two quantified examples: the RSA now stands at €575.52 against €565.34 before the revaluation, while the maximum amount of the AAH increases to €919.86 against €903.60 previously.

Possible rent increases

Soaring prices are still having an impact: the benchmark rent index automatically increases by 2.48%, for the 1st quarter of 2022, on May 1. This indicator now reaches €133.93. It sets the increase ceilings that landlords can demand of their tenants when the lease includes an annual rent review clause. The benchmark rent index had already increased by 1.61% in the fourth quarter of 2021. It should be noted that landlords are not obliged to pass on this increase.

The price of tobacco

Everything increases? No, not necessarily for the price of tobacco. As of May 1, certain brands will thus cost less, like the pack of 20 red Lucky Strike Original cigarettes, which loses 20 cents, or all Winfield cigarettes, whatever their packaging. , which lose 10 to 15 cents. In the other direction, several models of the Winston brand increase by 10 cents.

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