Snail slime, venom… these surprising beauty ingredients make the skin more beautiful

You’ll never guess what some of your treatments contain! The proof by 5 with the presentation of improbable ingredients that make you beautiful without you even knowing it.

Hyaluronic acid, collagen, retinol, vitamin C… Consumers are now aware of the names of the active ingredients to look for on the packaging of their beauty products and of the benefits of those that are the most effective in protecting them from the appearance of signs of aging. age as long as possible. Despite everything, there are still many who are unaware of the cosmetic virtues of certain little-known ingredients that we do not at all expect to see integrated into our jars of cream.

Snail slime, snake venom, urea, gold and caviar are nevertheless used in our beauty products! Let’s take stock of the good reasons to adopt these 5 unlikely active ingredients in our care for face and body. You will see, after the surprise, you will quickly want to try them as they have incredible benefits on the epidermis!

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snail slime

Brought to the fore a few years ago, snail slime is one of the most surprising skincare active ingredients, but whose cosmetic virtues have actually been known since Antiquity. The mucus secreted by these gastropods indeed contains collagen, allantoin, elastin and glycolic acid: a veritable cocktail of anti-aging and repairing active ingredients used in cosmetics! Snail slime also contains vitamin A and vitamin C, antioxidant vitamins that fight dullness and age spots. Contrary to what one might think, it does not make you shine, quite the contrary: it regulates the production of sebum and its exfoliating properties even help it to reduce facial redness.

3 snail slime treatments to try:


These fish eggs are not only an exceptional delicacy for gourmets. These “black pearls” produced by sturgeons, which are supposed to give life, are above all an incredible source of energy for the cells of our skin and our hair. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and trace elements, these fish eggs are a dream anti-aging active ingredient for the formulas of our anti-wrinkle creams. We also find caviar in certain hair care products, where its ability to repair the fiber is as effective as that which it has on the skin.

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3 caviar treatments to try:


This molecule naturally produced by the body, which results from the degradation of proteins, is eliminated through the urine. Not very glamorous, however, it is also found in our body care formulas. And for good reason, urea has unparalleled keratolytic properties to fight against dry (and even very dry) skin. It even works miracles on heel calluses and is a great help in case of eczema or psoriasis to treat dry patches. Emollient benefits that combine with moisturizing effects to quickly restore suppleness and comfort to the skin.

3 urea treatments to test:


This precious metal is not only used to make jewelry! It is also a valuable active ingredient that helps keep your skin young for as long as possible. Present in facial care in the form of small particles, gold helps skin regenerate and fights the signs of aging by stimulating collagen production and maintaining skin elasticity. And for those who love the bling-bling effect of gold, golden face masks will be the perfect option to integrate it into their ritual, because they will also give them a nice glow.

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3 gold treatments to try:

snake venom

Snake venom has the most interesting anti-aging properties to delay the appearance of deep wrinkles. It, which acts like a light anesthetic on the skin, relaxes the muscles of the face to slow down the appearance of furrows. And if you haven’t used it to prevent the signs of aging, you should also know that it is rich in amino acids, peptides and enzymes, which allow it to plump up fine lines and shallow wrinkles.

3 snake venom treatments to try:

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