SNCF: on the right, disparate reactions after the agreement on early retirement, signed with the unions

Alexandre Chauveau / Photo credit: Magali Cohen / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP

In order to avoid a massive strike during the May bridges, an agreement was signed between management and the main SNCF unions to adjust the end of the careers of railway workers and controllers. Enough to arouse the approval of the National Rally but the anger of Reconquest! and Republicans.

The right is struggling to tune its violins on the subject. This Monday, an agreement was signed with the main SNCF unions to adjust the end of careers of railway workers and controllers. The group’s management therefore gave in to avoid a massive strike during the May holidays, but at the same time inflicted a serious blow on the pension reform, adopted with forceps. A decision received very differently by Les Républicains and Reconquête! on one side and the National Rally on the other.

On the RN side, who had firmly opposed the pension reform, Sébastien Chenu does not say he is shocked by this agreement and stands behind the SNCF’s argument according to which it would be an investment by the company likely to limit sick leave at the end of career.

“Capitulation”, “passivity”, “complicity”

At LR and Reconquête!, on the other hand, we denounce an agreement concluded to the detriment of the taxpayer. Marion Maréchal notably recalls the 3.2 billion euros in subsidies already paid by the State to balance the railway workers’ pension fund. Bruno Retailleau, boss of LR senators, invited on Europe 1 this Wednesday morning, spoke to him of a “capitulation” and calls into question “the passivity”, even “the complicity” of the government.

At the end of the Council of Ministers, Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, did not wish to comment on this agreement, while the government spokesperson, Prisca Thévenot, affirms that it does not contravene the pension reform passed by the government last year.

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