SNCF transport: soon a waiting list for full Ouigo

SNCF and the start-up Fairlyne will offer a waiting list at the end of the month to try their luck if a low-cost TGV Ouigo is full, by taking over the seat of a traveler who has given up traveling.

“We have a lot of trains that are full, especially in the summer, almost 40% (…) But we know that we have additional customers who would like to travel with us,” explained Florian Etchanchu, head of strategy. offer at Ouigo, during a presentation at VivaTech.

At the same time, “there are a lot of ‘no shows’, around 10%”, he added: travelers who ultimately do not take the train even though they have bought a ticket. But Ouigo tickets are neither cancellable nor refundable.

80% of ticket price refunded

A new option, offered at the end of June on the Ouigo site and application, will allow travelers renouncing their trip to register to offer their ticket. If they find a buyer, they will get 80% of the price.

At the same time, those who want to travel in a Ouigo displayed as full will be able – without obligation – to register on a waiting list and will be offered the seats abandoned by those who have given up on their trip.

They will then pay for their ticket “at the normal price”, specified Florian Etchanchu. That is to say relatively expensive if the train is full.
“We have a lot of requests from customers who want more flexibility, especially during peak periods,” he said.

Fairlyne is a start-up founded in 2021 by three former Accor executives, “with the aim of improving the customer experience on booking platforms in the travel sector”.

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