Snow at 1000 meters – Ms. Holle sends us her first white greetings

On Wednesday morning, winter lovers opened their hearts when looking at the webcams in the mountains. During the night, Frau Holle had sent her first little greetings when the snow line had dropped to 1000 meters. But by noon there was no longer any trace of the winter wonderland in the lower regions.

“That was definitely not the onset of winter,” says ZAMG meteorologist Christian Resch. On the night of Wednesday, Ms. Holle also stopped by in the somewhat lower regions for the first time. “But nothing was left under 1000 meters. Wednesday lunchtime the zero degree limit was again over 1500 meters. But the mountains are covered in sugar everywhere, ”said the weather expert. At lunchtime, for example, almost everything was aperitifs at Hochficht and Sternstein. In the morning it looked different.

32,500 tons of road salt for winter service
“In the course of a warm front, some more precipitation can await us on Thursday. In the mountains, for example on the Postalm, five to ten centimeters of snow can fall, ”says Resch. The winter wonderland then slips into the distance again. In the coming days there will be temperature slips up and no more down.

Dry weekend
“Conditions are mostly dry over the weekend. And it will probably stay very nice until Wednesday, ”predicts the expert. Temperatures of up to 20 degrees are possible – Ms. Holle has no chance. But if it does cause a strong onset of winter in the coming weeks, Upper Austria is at least well prepared.

Salt silos are full
550 winter service employees in 31 road maintenance depots ensure that the route on the local roads does not turn into a slide. For this purpose, the salt silos were completely filled, 22,500 tons of road salt are available. In addition, another 10,000 tons of salt are stored in the halls as an iron reserve.

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