Snowboarder wanted – skier (20) crashes on snowboard: injured

A snowboarder suddenly braked on the ski slope at Giggijoch in Sölden and sat down. A skier then also braked, fell and crashed into the snowboard. The snowboarder took care of the injured person immediately, but then continued without leaving her contact details. The police are now asking for information.

A German (20) drove her alpine skis on Thursday around 2.40 p.m. in the Giggijoch ski area. In front of her was a female snowboarder who slowed down in the flat area of ​​the piste and finally sat down on the piste. Fatal for the German: she also braked, but fell and hit her body on the snowboarder’s snowboard. The 20-year-old injured herself and was flown to the hospital in Zams by emergency helicopter after first aid at the accident site. Information requested The snowboarder immediately took care of the skier who crashed into her snowboard at the accident site. However, when she was subsequently treated by the piste rescue service, she left the scene of the accident without disclosing her personal details and has not yet been able to be traced. It is a female snowboarder with light-colored ski clothing. The Sölden police station is asking for useful information.
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