so hyperdisciplined that they give complexes

Lost people, when they arrive on vacation, spot the beaches, the bakery and its closing day, the terrace which benefits from the sun’s rays as late as possible… But in a group, there is also always the one who spots the first the household garbage bins in the village. He’s the super-disciplined friend. The one who is the best version of himself, when we wait for the holidays to become more mediocre versions of ourselves.

During these summer weeks which see us forget selective sorting and immerse ourselves in reports on the holidays of Sarkozy-Bruni, the hyperdisciplined, them, are pulled up. They play sports at dawn and bring back croissants on their way back from jogging, they offer to go back to the village to get some Biafine at the pharmacy for the sunburns of those who have a drink, and they remove the splinters from the children. others without hurting them.

Hyperactive hyperdisciplined people live their holidays at the same pace as the rest of the year. From the second day, their friends understand that they will have to get up early, do a series of activities, have a daily water skiing session imposed on them, preferably in the morning because it is more pleasant (there is no that the hyperdisciplined find more interesting in the afternoon than early in the morning). Whatever the place, if there is a summit in the vicinity, it will have to be climbed.

Obsessed with respecting schedules, when their friends, now terrified at the idea of ​​being late, have ended up having a quarter of an hour in advance before going on a hike, the hyperdisciplined people have a coffee again because they don’t There’s no more reason to leave too early than too late. Inevitably, they put their children (scrubbed) to bed early, do not deviate from their routine whatever the program of the others (“Go ahead, we’ll join you…”).

They are convinced that if we don’t do the same, it’s because no one has yet explained to us the benefits of their way of life.

Depending on their age, their little ones take a nap in the afternoon (at a fixed time), two hours of vacation notebooks in the morning, play badminton instead of on their smartphone, send handwritten postcards and n don’t forget grandparents’ birthdays. To the surprised entourage, these scout leaders explain “the importance of rituals” (“the abs in the morning, if you do it every day, it’s like brushing your teeth”), and when they add that “it’s just a matter of habit”, it’s time for us to understand that we are incapable of settling and sticking to it. They are convinced that if we don’t do the same, it’s because no one has yet explained to us the benefits of their way of life. They do not hesitate then to show us the light. We already hear them with other people’s children, whether it’s peeling cucumbers or improvising a crawl lesson in the swimming pool: “Pierre, come on for a second… You’ll get there, like Théophile…” And turning to us : “I think it’s better when it’s not you.” »

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