So simple: 5 life hacks that we would have liked to have known earlier

Game changer for everyday life
We would have liked to have known these 5 life hacks earlier

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Why choose the hard way when there is an easier solution? These 5 life hacks simplify your everyday life and always work!

How nice when you discover something that makes life easier. You will now find out how you never have to cut garlic again and why you have been cleaning your windows inefficiently for years.

1. De-ice the iced-up window

It is monday morning. You want to do everything, just not go out and go to work when it is minus 5 degrees. Nevertheless, you decide to take your heart in hand and set off on your way. But when you are in front of the car much too late anyway, you see it: the icy windshield. A deicing spray? Who has something like that ready? “Now the only thing that helps is scratching,” you think to yourself as your mood sinks even lower than your body temperature. Thought wrong! With this ingenious life hack, the ice cream is history.

All you need is a zippered plastic bag. You fill this with warm water and let it slide over the pane – that’s all! We would have liked to have known that earlier.

2. Never cut garlic again

Who doesn’t love him The day-long smell of garlic on your hands when you cut a couple of toes. Well, there are smells that are more pleasant. Using a garlic press is one option. But the subsequent rinsing is also kind of annoying. And you never get it really finely chopped with a knife. Now there is a solution to this dilemma!

With some cling film and a beater, the clove of garlic turns into a fine paste in no time. And this hack works with any heavy object, like a saucepan or bottle.

3. Clean windows faster and more effectively

Have you cleaned your windows with glass cleaner and a piece of kitchen roll so far? This not only requires arm strength, but also time. It’s also much easier and faster with this life hack.

We exchange the glass cleaner for a mixture of 2/3 water and 1/3 vinegar. We mix that in an empty spray bottle. A shower squeegee and old newspaper do the rest: spray the surface, peel off and then polish away any streaks with the newspaper. The streak-free window is finished, with no additional garbage.

4. Let candles melt more slowly

A pinch of salt works wonders because it makes the candle melt more slowly. After the wick has burned for a few minutes, a pinch of the liquid wax is added. As a result, it burns down more slowly, and you have something of the pleasant scent and the beautifully flaming flame for longer.

5. Boil perfectly poached eggs – every time

With poached eggs there are several hurdles: firstly, you can only boil one egg per cycle, and secondly, it breaks down quickly into all its individual parts. Both problems are solved with this life hack: Cling film is used again, which we cut into small square pieces. Open the egg and wrap it in the foil, which is closed with a rubber band. Now put all the small egg packets in the boiling water, wait and enjoy.


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