“So techt Deutschland” on the road: what can a bicycle made of household waste do?

“So techt Germany” on the way
What can the bicycle made of household waste do?

Around 15 kilograms of plastic waste are processed to produce the somewhat different bicycle: a bike that is made of 100 percent plastic and is therefore completely maintenance-free. At the Hanover Fair, Managing Director Tobias Vogel explains what goal the company igus is pursuing. For the new episode “So techt Deutschland” Frauke Holzmeier and Andreas Laukat looked around at the world’s largest industrial trade fair in the heart of Lower Saxony. For the first time since Corona, the event took place again in person.

What role sustainability played at the trade fair, what the company Festo and its bionics team showed on site and whether the trade fair still has a future is the subject of the new episode of “So techt Deutschland”.

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So techt Germany

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