social economy employers want a social innovation bonus

Employers in the social and solidarity economy demanded on Tuesday the creation of a “social innovation” bonus, the extension to associations of territorial volunteering in companies (VTE) as well as the maintenance of subsidized jobs, within the framework of the 2023 budget. .

In the longer term for the 2024 budget, the Union of Employers of the Social and Solidarity Economy (UDES) considers it essential to reform the tax on wages, while the majority of associations pay the highest rate ( 13.6%) on wages beyond the Smic, according to a press release.

This production tax is the most counter-productive for employment. The more you hire, the more taxes you pay, explained during a press conference the president of the UDES Hugues Vidor.

Progressive, the payroll tax is payable by employers who are not subject to VAT on at least 90% of their turnover.

For the 2023 finance bill, whose examination begins on October 10 in Parliament, UDES calls for the creation of a social innovation bonus for non-profit organizations facing challenges that require them to innovate socially by creating new services or new methods.

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This bonus should be endowed with an envelope of 200 million euros, according to the UDES.

Employers in the social and solidarity economy (ESS) also want to extend the VTE system, which is aimed at graduates with Bac+2 level, to associations with fewer than 50 employees weakened by the crisis to allow the addition of skills on engineering projects.

Finally, they want to maintain the volume and duration of jobs supported in the context of skills employment pathways (PEC), while deploring that the renewal of these contracts has been reduced to 6 months compared to 12 months previously.

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