Social media: These stars tried to do without Twitter and Co.

Social media
These stars tried to do without Twitter and Co.

Pamela Anderson has said goodbye to Instagram and Co.

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Pamela Anderson has said goodbye to social media. Others tried that before her – with more or less success.

Pamela Anderson (53) has "freed" herself from her social media channels. She quit Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to save time and get back to doing the things that are her true destiny. It should have been her last post forever. Other celebrities have said that before her – only a few have pulled it off. Those who are really no longer active are mostly female stars and that for a sad reason: online hatred.

Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner (25) took a break from Instagram in November 2016. She even deleted her account and explained on the show by Ellen DeGeneres (63) that she needed the break because she was "a bit too dependent" on the platform. "It was the first thing I looked at in the morning and the last before I went to bed in the evening." Her withdrawal did not last long: she held out for a week.

Ed Sheeran

In late 2019, Ed Sheeran (29, "Shape of You") announced on Instagram that he would need time to travel, write and read. "I promise I'll come back with new music when the time is right and I've lived a bit to actually have something to write about." It should turn out a little differently: The next post announced the arrival of his first daughter. Since then there have only been four posts – all about new music. Whether the fans will ever see pictures from the tour bus again is more than questionable.

Justin Bieber

After Justin Bieber (26, "Baby") had "introduced" his new girlfriend Sofia Richie (22) to his fans in August 2016, popular hatred turned towards her. The comments became so prevalent that Bieber gave his fans the choice: If they continued to harass them, he would set his account to "private" – then only friends he accepted could see his pictures and texts. He actually did – for six full months!

Cardi B

Not all stars mean it so seriously: The extremely spirited rapper Cardi B (28, "WAP") has already deactivated or deleted her account twice – once because of the many criticisms of her Grammy win and once because of a dispute with Azealia Banks (29 , "Chasing Time"). Last time, she lasted for exactly two days and has been posting diligently since then.

Kanye West

Speaking of temperament: Kanye West (43, "Runaway") without Twitter is just as difficult to imagine as Donald Trump (74). But miracles happen! In September 2018, the rapper decided in a clear moment to leave the short message service and Instagram. Before that, he had been offline for almost a year, from May 2017 to February 2018. This time the resolution did not last that long: A week later he posted a video – with then US President Donald Trump.

Kelly Marie Tran

It was actually a message to celebrate: Kelly Marie Tran (32, "The Last Jedi") was the first American woman with Asian roots to play a leading role in "Star Wars". After her appearance as Rose, however, she had to struggle with tons of hateful comments on her Instagram account in mid-2018. Even her colleague Mark Hamill (69) stood up for his colleague, but it didn't help, the online hatred got so bad that she deleted all of her pictures – her account is still empty today. In the "New York Times" she wrote in a moving text on the subject: "It wasn't her words, but that I began to believe them. Your words seemed to confirm what made me grow up as a woman and a colored person had already taught: that I belong to a minority who was only valid as a minor character in their lives and stories. "

Millie Bobby Brown

The "Stranger Things" actress Millie Bobby Brown (16) caught the hatred on Twitter: She deleted her account in 2018 after an insulting meme went viral with which people accused the actress of homophobia or LGBT hostility. Allegedly the whole thing was meant only ironically, but this supposedly false bottom probably only very few saw. Not even Brown himself. Your account has now been restored, but apart from a tweet from January 2019, nothing has happened there.

Daisy Ridley

"Star Wars" actress Daisy Ridley (28) also had to deal with hatred in 2016 after speaking out against gun violence in an Instagram post. At times she had withdrawn, since 2017 she has been gone completely. In an interview with Radio Times, she said that social media is "extremely unhealthy for mental health."