Sodexo takes care of its development in North America


(AOF) – Sodexo signs an agreement to acquire AH Management to accelerate the transformation of its restaurant model and its development in North America. AH Management, the leading operator in the Chicago area and southeastern Wisconsin, is one of the largest players in the American Midwest. This new acquisition represents a further step in the transformation of Sodexo’s restaurant model in the United States.

It follows on from the acquisitions of Frontline Food Services in 2022, the food-tech start-up Foodee and the off-site production unit Nourish.Inc in 2021.

With AH Management, Sodexo will complete and expand its multi-channel offering, including convenience stores, vending machines, coffee machines, connected refrigerators, water coolers, catering and on-site dining services in the Midwest, northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, as well as the urban areas of Chicago and Milwaukee.

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