Sofia, Madeleine + Victoria: You all love this fashion label

Who would have thought: Victoria, Madeleine and Sofia are fans of the same fashion label. GALA explains the hype.

All three are not only princesses, but also real trendsetters: Crown Princess Victoria, 44, sister Madeleine, 39, and sister-in-law Sofia, 36, from Sweden enchant with their different looks, each with their own style. But they all have something in common: They always rely on the same fashion label.

Victoria, Madeleine + Sofia: They rely on the label “By Malina”

Princess Madeleine charmed in an Instagram post in a beautiful floral dress from the brand “By Malina” – but wait a minute, there was something: Victoria and Sofia also rely on the label. Victoria in particular always wears the very different pieces of the label, from modern pantsuits to floral maxi dresses. Sofia has also been a fan of the brand for a long time and has been spotted several times in the trendy parts.

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“By Malina” – the royal Swedish favorite label

Behind the label is the designer Malin Andrén, daughter of an art director and a seamstress – the best prerequisites for a creative career. At the age of 24, Malin moved to New York to study fashion design. Then she moved to Hong Kong to work for several Scandinavian fashion brands. She then founded her own brand in Stockholm in 2010. Today the label is known for bright colors and patterns. Malin’s mission: Everyone should feel unique in their parts. The designs range from casual casual wear to elaborate cocktail dresses and wedding dresses.

“My inspiration comes from all of my trips around the world. Asia gives me the perfect influence on colors and patterns; Europe has the style and the USA has the fun, experimental fashion,” explains the designer.

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