SOGECLAIR: 2022 turnover – 02/01/2023 at 5:40 p.m.

2022 revenue: €134.9 million (+11.5%; +8.1%*)

4th quarter 2022 revenue: €35.3m (+6.5%; +3.5%*)

SOGECLAIR, a supplier of innovative solutions with high added value for more sober and safer mobility, today announces its turnover for 2022.

*At constant scope and exchange rates: Exchange rate variations over the period represent -€3.7 million, they were +€1.3 million in 2021.

Changes in scope over the period represent €0.4 million (restructuring in Germany).

The ONE SOGECLAIR strategic plan for a more premium, more attractive and more transversal positioning has led to the implementation of the new organization since 01 January 2022. For the 4th consecutive quarter, SOGECLAIR presents its turnover according to this new organisation. The 2021 comparison is pro-forma.

With revenue up 11.5%, this is the 7th consecutive quarter of revenue growth (+6.5%) with an unfavorable base effect (Q4 2021 at +17.7%) . Commercial aviation (33.4% of sales) confirmed its strong rebound at +37.7%, rail (8.4% of sales) increased by 17.5%, business aviation (39.9 % of turnover) continued to grow with +4.2% and the automobile sector (8.9% of turnover) fell by 7.5%.

All areas are progressing with the exception of the rest of the world (0.5% of sales), Asia Pacific and America are picking up faster than Europe.

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