Solidarity sign – Lindwurm shines in the colors of Ukraine

The dramatic pictures from Ukraine move the whole world and cause bewilderment. As a sign of solidarity, the Klagenfurt lindworm shines in the national colors of the Eastern European country.

Many of the world’s major landmarks will be lit up in colors of yellow and blue on Thursday evening. These include the Colosseum in Rome and the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This is intended to show solidarity with the country that was attacked by the Russian Federation in the early hours of Thursday.Lindworm in Ukrainian national colorsThe symbol of the Carinthian state capital, the lindworm in front of the town hall, also shines in the colors of Ukraine. This is to show that the thoughts of the residents of Klagenfurt are with the citizens of Ukraine. Rally at Neuer Platz On Friday there is to be a rally at Neuer Platz in Klagenfurt against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
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