Solo miner adds block on Bitcoin network and pockets BTC 6.25

A solo Bitcoin (BTC) miner with a hash capacity of just 126 terahashes per second (TH / s) achieved the feat of adding a new block to the network, earning a reward of BTC 6.25: this currently equates to around $ 266,870 at the current price.

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According to data from, Bitcoin’s total hash rate is currently over 174 exahashes per second (EH / s). As a result, the lucky miner only had 0.000073% of that total.

The miner is part of a solo mining pool called Solo CK, ranked 15th on Bitcoin’s mining pool list, with a total computing power of 410.96 petahashes per second (PH / s), which is 0.23% of the network, according to

The miner has to pay a 2% fee to the pool, which is 0.125 BTC or approximately $ 5,337.

The miner also got the transaction fee reward of 0.1 BTC ($ 4,270).

“Kudos to the Bitcoin miner with only 126TH who solved a solo block on,” a tweeted Con Kolivas, director of Solo CK.

Prior to that, a Solo CK miner mined a block on December 2, 2021, at block height 712,217. However, it is increasingly rare for a solo miner to win a block race on the Bitcoin network.

“For the miner involved, this is a once in a lifetime chance. The last time a miner of this size solved a block on my pool was only a year ago. These are usually the biggest ones. miners that solve blocks statistically, but there’s no reason even the smallest miner can’t solve one, ”Kolivas said.

As of this writing, Foundry USA, the mining arm of the American company Digital Currency Group, is the world’s largest bitcoin miner in terms of hash rate, accounting for 18.5% of Bitcoin’s total hash rate. Other large mining pools include F2Pool, AntPool and Poolin, which respectively represent 16.2%, 15.2% and 12.5% ​​of the Bitcoin hashrate.


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