Some ideas of makeup "butterfly" woman for the eyes

Back to the 90's! Whether in the world of fashion or beauty, for several months now, we have been experiencing a real flashback in 90s. And if we found it strange and we were reluctant at first, in the end we find it pretty cool and fun to play with the trends of our childhood and adolescence. Modes that we re-adopt, but version 2021.

We found ourselves re-appreciating trends that we thought were forever over. In this article, for example, we have listed the hairstyles from the 90s that have been brought up to date. And the same goes for makeup. The beauty treatments of the 90's with blue eyeshadow, brown lipstick or even pop blush are well and truly back.

The return of the "butterfly" trend

And do you remember the "butterfly" trend ? This sublime and captivating insect that was in great demand among tattoo artists in the 90s. We also liked to wear them in our hair with these famous little colorful butterfly-shaped barrettes – still available on by the way, at the price of 10.89 euros the lot of 100!

Today, butterflies no longer invite themselves (only) in our hair, but on our face. At the start of 2021, a trend has appeared on social networks, to our great surprise; that of make-up of "butterfly" eyes for women (and men!). Here, we are far from the make-up for children that we had drawn on the face at the school fair … The make-up trend for "butterfly" eyes is a real art and requires immense talent. On Instagram and Pinterest, many influencers and make-up artists share their breathtaking beauty, transforming their eyes into a beautiful colorful insect.

The models that we find on the Internet, and in particular social networks, are more or less difficult to reproduce. But if the idea of ​​adopting this famous butterfly look crosses your mind, let us give you the steps to achieve it easily (and rather quickly)!

Make-up for "butterfly" eyes: the tutorial!

What you will need:

– a black eyeliner (Roller Liner, Benefit – 24 euros on

– a palette of colored eyeshadows (Palette James Charles x Morphe – 43.99 euros on

– a black mascara (Mascara Legit Lashes, Huda Beauty – 27 euros on

The steps to follow:

1. Using a black eyeliner, draw a wide line along your upper lashes and lengthen your eyes with a long comma. Then draw a butterfly wing under this line, so as to emphasize your gaze.

2. Choose a pop eye shadow color (pink, blue, purple, green, yellow … anything goes!). Fill and make up with this shade of the butterfly wing drawn with the eyeliner.

3. Finish this make-up by adding sequins, rhinestones or even pearls; and of course, a touch of mascara for a most captivating look.