“Sometimes it sounds like an insult, it seems impure to continue to exist”

The meeting was given at the Hôtel Rochechouart, in the 9e district of Paris, in the basement, in the Mikado club. Soft lighting, 1930s chandeliers, disco balls, thick velvet curtains, it feels like a Gatsby the magnificent, by Baz Luhrmann. Except that it’s not Leonardo DiCaprio we came to meet, but Alyosha Schneider. Dressed all in black, wearing a pair of Westons, an espresso martini in hand, the actor and songwriter waits for us seated on the bar in the center of the room. “I like it when you slouch”says the photographer.

Here we are in the quietest nightclub in Paris, unsurprisingly, on a Tuesday evening at 7 p.m. While a Pioneer turntable sits at the entrance, it is the drone of a wind tunnel worthy of an ocean liner that will accompany us for this aperitif. Recently, we saw Alyosha in two series: Everything is fine, by Camille de Castelnau (Disney+), and Greek salad, by Cédric Klapisch (Prime Video). In addition to his appearances on the small screen, he is best known for his music and his looping title: Together. He is on his third album and is spending the year 2024 on tour, with an Olympia, in Paris, in December.

Before this success storyhis first record, very inspired by Bob Dylan – of whom he says “fanatic” –, gives him the impression of offering something “outdated” at festivals. The second album, in a similar tone, chooses its timing poorly: “He came out and… nothing happened!” It was in the middle of Covid, it was a bit of a disaster. » « At one point, I said to myself: shit, I’m not talking to my generation »he blurted.

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With this third opus, views change. Accompanied by his guitar, he sings hits in French that are played on the radio. A tour ensues. In front of his turner, who offers him a date at La Cigale, in March, in Paris, Alyosha becomes dizzy: “Inwardly, I say to myself shit, he’s doing something really stupid, no one is going to come. My last concert, in the small hall of La Cigale [La Boule noire], hadn’t even refueled, and it was hard. There, he tells me about a room of 1,200 people [rire étouffé, gêné]… And then I thought: “Fake it until you make it!” [‘fais semblant jusqu’à ce que tu y arrives’]. » Six months before the concert date, it is sold out (” complete “). “It’s crazy, to me,” comments Alyosha, still a little breathless.

A founding drama

To end his tour in style, he will stop by the Olympia in Paris in December. Symbolically, it is strong. He thinks back to his father, Jean-Paul Schneider, director and classical dancer, who heard Brel there, a significant event in the family legend. For the Schneiders, music is a key ingredient in education. When he thinks of his childhood, it is the sound of one brother’s drums and the notes of another’s piano that resonate in Alyosha’s ears. As adults, they all work in art-related professions. “I have an older brother who sang and whom I admired on stage… well, I mean at the concert organized by the singing teacher at the end of the year. But I was super impressed with him. He gave me my first record. He was a fan of Robbie Williams. So, by association, I was too. That’s what made me want to singr “, remembers the penultimate of the siblings. Between two nibbled almonds, he looks back on his childhood activities, always a little “surrounded by girls”both during singing lessons and at dance school.

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