Sonic Frontiers: a fast-paced trailer with new playable characters for the release of The Final Horizon

Fans of Sonic the Hedgehog are enjoying themselves at the moment, because the news surrounding the license is intense. SEGA obviously communicates on Sonic Superstars, the next episode expected in less than three weeks and whose communication currently revolves around the events which precede the game, between animated prequel and comics. The series broadcast on Netflix, Sonic Primewas entitled to a tempting preview for its season 3. As for what interests us now, it is indeed the launch of Sonic Frontiers’ latest free additional content, the update The Final Horizon.

Yes, all good things come to an end, but Sonic Team intends to end on a good note with these new releases this Thursday, September 28 (or rather this Friday at 2:00 a.m. in France). If the previous two updates Landscapes, sound and speed And Sonic’s Birthday Bash added challenges, a mode Photoa jukebox and the New Game+, The Final Horizon aims to be much more ambitious with a new scenario bringing a new conclusion and above all additional playable characters. Tails, Knuckles And Amy will thus become playable and we discover them in full action at full speed against the backdrop of pulsating music. It will be a question of climbing four towers, while our comrades will have to recover the Chaos Emeralds. And, yes, you are not dreaming, the Cyclone of Tails can be used! The video ends again with the blue hedgehog transforming into “Super Sonic 2”, presumably before the final boss fight.

If Sonic Frontiers catches your eye, it’s sold from €39.99 on Amazonat this same price on the side of there Fnac and even from €29.98 at Cdiscount.

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