Sons of the Forest: the big new features of 1.0 presented in video

Announced in 2019, Sons of the Forest was only launched last year, in Early Access on PC via Steam. Following The Foresta now cult survival game, has been a long time coming, computer players have seen it evolve over the months, but Endnight Games will launch version 1.0 in the coming days.

If we only have Tommy will be voiced by Shawn Ashmore (Quantum Break, Alan Wake 2, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan) and that the scenario should be greatly expanded with this final version, the developers have not yet revealed everything. However, we have a very nice overview of the new features of version 1.0 of Sons of the Forest with a new trailer of gameplaybroadcast by IGN and to admire above.

As a reminder, Sons of the Forest sold more than two million copies, just 24 hours after its Early Access launch, the figure is expected to climb after the planned 1.0 release next February 22. You can find PCs gaming on Amazon, Cdiscount And there Fnac.

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