Sons of the Forest will be released from early access on February 22, 2024

Among the new features of Sons of the Forest 1.0, Endnight especially highlights the arrival of Shawn Ashmore, a well-known actor in the industry. If it was revealed to the general public in X-Men 2 By playing Iceberg, we know him above all for his privileged links with Remedy. The guy played the main role of Quantum Break and appeared in Alan Wake 2 in the role of the local sheriff. In the meantime, he also took the liberty of leading the casting of Man of Medan. This true pixel enthusiast will play little Timmy who has grown up.

Go to the birch!

But yes, Timmy, the kid we were looking for in the first The Forest. Without giving too much away about the plot of the series, his experiences affected him drastically. We can already come across it between two fir trees in Sons of the Forest, but his enigmatic adult silhouette remains silent. For the moment. 1.0 will give him a voice, and therefore a much deeper role, which should give the end of the story.

Version 1.0 will also be used to initiate the future follow-up of Sons of the Forest. Endnight intends to support her baby in the years to come with special patches. A beautiful project acclaimed by the community: the survival had sold two million copies during the first 24 hours of early access.

See you on February 22 to build cabins and impale monsters.

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