Sony Bluetooth headphones WH-CH520 in the test: long battery life, top sound and for this price?


With the WH-CH520, Sony has released new on-ear Bluetooth headphones that only cost 50 euros. The test shows a real price-performance hit.

Sony WH-CH520 review

editorial rating 8.2 reader rating

1 review

wearing comfort and processing


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Value for money

You can get the WH-CH520 for as little as 50 euros and can use it to enjoy music, make calls and have fun. It could be a bit more comfortable, but for this price it’s a strong performance from Sony.

We liked that

  • good sound
  • Simple design
  • Cheap price
  • Telephony possible

We didn’t like that

  • A bit uncomfortable for a while
  • Sound image with a slight reverberation
  • Wind noise clearly perceptible

Sony released new wireless headphones at the beginning of 2023 and technology and audio fans will of course take a closer look and listen. In addition to the over-ear model WH-CH720N for 150 euros, there is also an on-ear model, the WH-CH520. The recommended retail price is 70 euros, but the device is already available in stores for a very attractive 50 to 60 euros.

The 147 gram model is available in the colors blue, white, black and beige and offers features such as DSSE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine) for better sound, a 30 millimeter driver and a frequency response of 20 Hertz to 20,000 Hertz.

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The scope of delivery only includes the headset and a USB-C cable for charging the battery, which should last up to 50 hours.

Sony made the product mostly out of plastic, including the bracket that you use to adjust the size. Considering the price, this is understandable, anyway it doesn’t bother. The processing looks fine and Sony also points out that recycled plastic materials were used in the production of several parts.

A bit uncomfortable for a while

The headset does not fold, but is small enough to fit in a small bag or backpack. Placed on the head, it is also comfortable to wear at first, only after about an hour of continuous wearing does it become somewhat uncomfortable for the tester. This is also partly due to the on-ear concept, which means that the cushions on the ear cups exert more and more pressure over time. Some customers may not mind, it’s highly subjective.

Top sound for the price

In terms of sound, it is also up to the ear of the listener. The WH-CH520 surprised us in the sound test, positively. The sound sounds balanced with sufficient presence of mids and bass as well as highs that play a little in the foreground.

Sony WH-CH520

Here you can see the wireless on-ear headphones in photos.

Vocals are always clear, and the headphones sound really pleasing. Listening to music brings joy immediately, even if we sometimes hear a slight reverberation. But maybe not everyone notices that.

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At MediaMarkt 50 Euros*


At Saturn 50 Euros*


Of course, the sound is not as broken down, clear, powerful and dynamic as with various Bluetooth headphones starting at 200 euros, but again: this Sony headset is available for only 50 euros and the sound is really respectable.

We also have nothing to complain about when making phone calls via the device. Only when used outside is it noticeable that wind noise is clearly audible and that this could spoil the enjoyment of music for some.

Service and other impressions

Pausing, skipping songs, and volume control are also available directly from buttons on the right ear cup.

The best Bluetooth headphones

Here we present the latest Bluetooth headphones, which we have put through their paces. The list shows both on-ear and over-ear headphones with a Bluetooth connection, which we noticed positively or negatively in the test.

Sony states the battery life as up to 50 hours, impressive. We haven’t reached this value in the test, but the first charge still holds after a few days. When we put on the headphones, a friendly voice informs us that the battery charge should still be high.

Sony WH-CH520

Sony WH-CH520

editorial rating 8.2 reader rating

1 review

wearing comfort and processing


NETZWELT may receive a commission from the retailer for links on this site. More info.

Transparency note: Sony has made a test sample available to Netzwelt.

Don’t you agree? Are you looking for suitable alternatives? We have an extensive list of Sony WH-CH520 alternatives ready for you in our headphone overview.

Sony WH-CH520 data sheet

Here you will find the technical data for the Sony WH-CH520. You can easily compare size, weight and other properties with other products.

Weight 147 grams
design On ear, closed
Bluetooth Yes, version 5.2
Operation on the headphones Yes
wired remote control No
battery life up to 50 hours
charging case No
aptX No

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