Sony cancels mandatory linking of Steam and PSN accounts for Helldivers 2

After weeks of great success, the world of Helldiverse 2 shook this weekend. In question, Sony’s decision to make it compulsory for PC players to link their Steam account to a PlayStation Network account. An obligation which should have been present from the launch of the title but which was delayed by technical problems.

But this news is far from unanimous among PC players. Thus, since May 3, the game’s Steam page has accumulated more than 200,000 negative evaluations. And many players have managed to obtain a refund from the platform. A user would also have managed to get a refund after more than 90 hours of play based on the fact that: “Sony retroactively modified the functioning of the game and imposed legal agreements on me that I do not accept “.

Another consequence, Helldiverse 2 has been removed from sale in nearly 177 countries and territories due to the requirement to link to a PlayStation Network account. And the reason is simple. PSN is not available in all these countries.

After this weekend of turmoil, Sony therefore made the decision to cancel its plan to make the PSN connection compulsory for players of Helldiverse 2 on Steam.

The update planned for today, May 6, 2024, which would have required the link will ultimately not take place. Sony also clarifies that they are still learning what is best for PC gamers and thanks them for their continued support of Helldiverse 2. It remains to be seen whether the game, which went from more than 80% positive evaluations before the announcement to 43% now, will be able to recover from this unfortunate episode.

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