Sony: Discover this legendary PS2 license ported to PC in 4K 60 FPS

Jak and Daxter is undeniably one of the flagship titles of Naughty Dog and PlayStation. Although the latter is sorely lacking today, a team of players had fun developing a whole project around Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy in order to offer it on PC in a 4K and 60 FPS version.

Experience Jak and Daxter in 4K!

Today, it is not uncommon to see our old video games reborn from their ashes thanks to a few small teams of players and fans that nothing can stop and who love to bring several of them up to date.

If the famous mustachioed plumber has had the right to several facelifts, it is therefore natural that Jak and Daxter also benefits from what we could call fitness, and this thanks to a whole team that has worked with the help of GOAL, a homemade programming language by Naughty Dog itself. Through the studio’s program, the developers of this small team then developed their own GOAL compiler themselves to eventually recompile the entire game for a PC version.

According to developers, this Jak and Daxter PC version allows the addition of some options unlike the version released at the time on PlayStation 2. Here, in fact, we have the possibility of activating 60 FPS but also 4K resolution, in order to have a so-called “modern” gaming experience. However, we also have the possibility if we wish to deactivate these two options to find our game of the time.

Waiting for the movie…

This Jak and Daxter PC version game is a good way to wait while waiting for a new opus, but also and above all while waiting for what should be the film adaptation of the Naughty Dog license.

Remember, it was last February that we learned from director Ruben Fleischer that he was working on a new project, that of Jak and Daxter. According to him, it would be a shame not to make a game worthy of the name benefit from its adaptation. But at the time of writing these lines, the manufacturer Sony has still not affirmed or denied these statements.

In addition, we also hope that Naughty Dog announces in the coming months the release of a brand new opus, since it seems like nothing, it has been since 2004 now, if we do not take into account the “derivatives”, that we didn’t get a real new Jak and Daxter game.


Phil Spencer, the director of Xbox Games announced last Sunday the arrival of a new game in collaboration with the famous Hideo Kojima! But with this Xbox exclusive on the way, what does it mean for PlayStation gamers? Will they be left out?

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