Sony goes all-in on audio with Pulse Elite headphones, overpriced Pulse Explore headphones and PlayStation Link tech

Last May, Sony Interactive Entertainment introduced official wireless headphones alongside its Project Q. The latter is now called Playstation Portalwhich unfortunately has nothing of a PSP… and these peripherals are therefore also being talked about under the name Pulse Exploreas well as a brand new gaming headset called Pulse Elite. Before discovering the technical details concerning them, here is a short video showing them from various angles.

Again, the PlayStation-Blog gives us some details on their specificities and especially their prices. Yes you are not dreaming, these headphones cost as much as the PlayStation Portal, which is already very expensive in our opinion… Players will probably think twice before cracking. A technology called Playstation Link is introduced, which will be used by these two devices.

Pulse Elite Wireless Headset and Pulse Explore Wireless Headphones

Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore are PlayStation’s latest wireless headset and wireless headphones, respectively, bringing next-generation audio performance to gaming experiences.

  • Pulse Elite is our new wireless headset featuring lossless audio, a retractable boom mic, and AI-powered noise canceling technology that filters out background sounds. A charging hook is also supplied with the product, in order to load and store it with ease.
  • THE Pulse Explore are our first-ever wireless earbuds, delivering a premium portable audio experience, with dual microphones and AI-powered noise-canceling technology filtering out background sounds. They also feature lossless audio and come with a charging case.

The Pulse Elite wireless headset and Pulse Explore wireless headphones will be the first PlayStation audio devices incorporating bespoke planar magnetic drivers. They will thus guarantee an audiophile listening experience worthy of the high-end headphones used by professional sound engineers. With Pulse Explore, we are pleased to be among the first companies to bring headphones to the general public that incorporate planar magnetic driver technology.

The Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore products are part of our ongoing efforts to improve the gaming audio experience and deepen immersion with better sound. The Pulse Elite wireless headset will be priced at $149.99 | €149.99 | £129.99 | ¥18,980, while Pulse Explore wireless headphones will be priced at $199.99 | €219.99 | £199.99 | ¥29,980. We’ll be sharing more information soon, including when pre-orders begin and launch dates.

PlayStation Pulse Elite 02 23 08 2023PlayStation Pulse Explore 01 23 08 2023 PlayStation Pulse Explore 02 23 08 2023

PlayStation Link, PlayStation’s new wireless audio technology

The Pulse Elite headset and Pulse Explore headphones connect directly to PlayStation Portal using a new wireless audio technology: PlayStation Link. This innovation provides low latency, lossless audio quality and simple switching between multiple PlayStation Link hosts, such as PS5 paired with USB adapter and PlayStation Portal.

To enable use of the Pulse Elite Wireless Headset and Pulse Explore Wireless Headphones with the PS5, PlayStation Link requires the USB adapter that comes with the wireless headset and headphones. The PlayStation Link USB Adapter will also be sold as a standalone product for use on PC and Mac. Users will be able to connect the Pulse Elite headset or Pulse Explore headphones to enjoy the same lossless, low-latency audio experience on their computer.

Pulse Elite and Pulse Explore can simultaneously connect to a PlayStation Link supported device (PS5, PC, Mac, or PlayStation Portal) and a Bluetooth enabled device. For example, the Pulse Explore earphones can be connected to the PS5 (via the USB adapter) with PlayStation Link and to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, all simultaneously. While playing on their PS5, players will be able to take a call and listen to their interlocutor with the same Pulse Explore headphones.

If you need a helmet and you find these prices way too high, the pulse classic is sold €79.99 on Amazon.

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