Sony says it can make humanoid robots, but doesn’t know what to do with them yet

Already an expert in many technological fields, could Sony want to embark on the robotics adventure? The company leaves room for doubt and seems to be waiting for the market to be more mature. It also keeps related areas in its sights, such as AI and the metaverse.

Sony is waiting for the right opportunity

As Hiroaki Kitano, its chief technology officer, told Reuters, “In terms of technology, several companies around the world, including Sony, have accumulated enough know-how to manufacture them quickly once their use becomes clearly promising”.

He adds to this that Sony is simply waiting for a good opportunity to launch: “We will only invest in their manufacture when deemed necessary. We see potential in humanoid robots, but we also think other forms of robots are quite important.”

Small passive, but big ambitions

The Japanese brand’s last attempt at robotics dates back to 1999, when it launched Aibo, a toy in the shape of a dog and reissued in 2018. Intended for children and sold for around €2,500, this robot has only never benefited from the advanced technologies used by certain firms, such as Boston Dynamics with Spot.

Manufacturers have been striving to advance in the very specific field of robotics for several decades now. One of the latest, Tesla, has just presented its first prototypes of Optimus, a humanoid robot, on the occasion of Tesla AI Day, September 30, 2022.

An axis of development contained in a global strategy

The Sony representative also told a press conference that the company will accelerate research and development, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, sensors, as well as virtual spaces. Sectors that Sony considers essential to carry its future growth.

“The intertwining of sensors, artificial intelligence and virtual spaces is at the heart of our technology and will be our great strength”, says Hiroaki Kitano. The Japanese’s expertise in audiovisual, entertainment and music already gives it a good base on which to build to find a place in what the metaverse could potentially be. In the meantime, the company seems ready to devote some of its resources to it, but it is not the only one.

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