Sony to start withdrawing PS Now cards from sale, in anticipation of Project Spartacus?

We have been waiting for a while to talk about a possible competing program of the Xbox Game Pass on the home side Sony. All of this became a bit more concrete last month when it became known about Project Spartacus, revealed by a Bloomberg investigation, which would aim to merge PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Now to create a hybrid subscription, offered in three different levels. And with Sony starting to withdraw PS Now cards from sale, this new subscription seems to be getting closer and closer to its formalization.

A new subscription ready to invade stores?

VentureBeat thus confirms thatin the UK, it will no longer be possible to purchase physical subscription cards for PS Now in stores, starting January 21. From that date, stores will have to withdraw these cards from sale, without any real reason being given, apart from a PlayStation representative who says the manufacturer wants to focus on the sale of PlayStation gift cards, which can be used to purchase a PS Now subscription.

As confirmed Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier for his part, PS Now cards were also pulled from US stores a few weeks ago, which suggests that the practice will spread all over the world. Probably in order to make room for the new subscription, which we are still awaiting official confirmation from Sony.

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