Sony would also seek to find a way to implement ads in free-to-play

The issue of advertising in free-to-play consoles is definitely at the heart of all discussions among major publishers. Microsoft had already expressed his interest in the practice a few days ago, without anything concrete for the moment. And a new Business Insider article in turn reports that Sony is also working on this filewithout having specific plans for the moment, but testing various possibilities.

Soon a KFC ad in Genshin Impact? Oh, wait…

The site then reports that Sony wants to implement these ads for the same reasons as Microsoft, i.e. push studios to develop more free-to-play for its platforms. But unlike Microsoft, Sony would not yet decide on the question of taking a percentage of the income from these advertisements or not..

Business Insider indicates that the manufacturer would be testing an internal program, which could be released later this year, and which would allow developers to create in-game advertisements, such as on billboards or on digital screens found in the stadiums of various sports. The fact of giving skins or in-game promotions (therefore on the virtual economy) to those who watch advertising is also being studied.

In short, everything that the free-to-play mobile market already does. Nothing is certain for the moment, but there is no doubt that free-to-play players on consoles should not appreciate the maneuver.

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