Sonya Kraus: “Dogs know exactly when we need help”

Sonya Kraus
“Dogs know exactly when we need help”

Sonya Kraus cannot imagine life without a dog.

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Sonya Kraus got her first dog at the age of six. “Dogs read us so easily and know exactly when we need assistance.”

“Oh, dogs are just awesome!” Sonya Kraus (49) enthuses on the sidelines of Dyson Pet Day on Wednesday in Düsseldorf. The presenter has been a dog mom with heart and soul since early childhood. “A life without a dog is a dog’s life!” the moderator clarifies. “Dogs read us so easily and know exactly when we need help,” emphasizes the 49-year-old in an interview. Kraus made her cancer diagnosis public earlier this year. Her family and friends, along with her dog Funny, helped her through this difficult time.

Dyson Pet Day is all about man’s dearest friend. You are a dog mom with heart and soul, could you imagine life without dogs, where does this love for animals come from?

Sonya Kraus: A life without a dog is a dog’s life! I got my first dog when I was six years old after my brother died. I’m quite sure that my four-legged friend treated me better than a two-legged professional could ever have done. That’s why I’m particularly happy to be part of the Dyson Pet Day.

Have your children inherited your love of animals?

Kraus: Absolutely! My boys grew up with my two huge black street dogs – one a Great Dane Cane Corso mix from Ibiza and the other a Doberman Elephant mix from Corfu. This has made them fearless Tarzans, from which no animal is safe. Of course, the two are convinced vegetarians.

Who cares most about Funny – your partner, you, or the kids?

Kraus: Since Funny guarded a finca with four other large dogs in southern Spain, she was unfortunately not socialized. Unfortunately, going for a walk is only relaxed to a certain extent and brings with it a lot of responsibility. Grandma does the feeding and visits to the vet and the kids play and cuddle. I entrust Funny to my domestic help, but no one else. She’s also the one who’s particularly excited about Dyson’s new pet brush attachment, which is specifically designed for removing hair – alongside Funny, of course (laughs).

How much do you enjoy your everyday life with your dog, how does it enrich your family life?

Kraus: Funny ain’t funny! She is a nasty guard dog, with a strong territorial demeanor. We could leave everything unlocked in downtown Frankfurt in the summer, no clever burglar would get in our place. At the same time she is the favorite cuddle aunt of her “pack” and sleeps – snoring loudly – in the boys’ bed. Funny is the best sleep aid and comforter ever.

Pets, especially dogs, can positively influence the course of the disease or how it is dealt with. How much has your dog helped you in your fight against cancer?

Kraus: Very, she can also be a nurse! Dogs read us so easily and know exactly when we need assistance. Funny was glued to me like all-purpose glue. This non-verbal support is priceless. Oh, dogs are just awesome!

Looking back, what was the hardest thing for you during that time?

Kraus: My children’s fear of losing me. Unfortunately, you can’t talk them into something nice anymore. Google provides answers to everything in drastic pictures…

How do you feel today?

Kraus: Bomb! Seriously, somehow my confidence in my mental strength has grown. At the same time, I am completely free of fears about my future. Somehow I came to terms with many aspects of my situation quite calmly. I’ve never felt really sick. Even during the chemo, it was clear to me that these are just the side effects of prophylaxis, so I was able to embrace these ailments as well.

How important is it that celebrity women like you are or have been open about their cancer?

Kraus: Oh, how she deals with it, every woman, prominent or not, should decide for herself. I’m lucky to have six women in my life who all went through the same thing, so I’ve always done my preventative care no matter how tight the time was. That’s why my “Karl ass” was discovered so early. I wanted to pass on this happiness. Early breast cancer is a very different disease than advanced breast cancer. In addition, openness is always absolutely liberating for me!

Professionally, new challenges will soon be waiting for you. They return to TV with the “Wheel of Fortune”. How excited are you for the comeback?

Kraus: Very, because the “Wheel of Fortune” is simply a cult and Thomas Hermanns and I are a committed, tried and tested team.

What changes in the show, what stays the same?

Kraus: We will be broadcasting the “Wheel of Fortune” in prime time, i.e. at 8:15 p.m., in a longer version than before. And there won’t be the classic distribution of roles, but Thomas Hermanns and I will share the work on the wall and on the bike with equal rights. And everything else remains a big surprise.

The “Wheel of Fortune” joins a series with many TV comebacks. Which show do you think should make a comeback as well?

Krause: Oh! I miss “Ruck Zuck”, “Die Montagsmaler” and “Dings vom Dach”. All three, please!


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