soon more financial aid for people with disabilities?

Jean Castex, accompanied by about twenty ministers, including Sophie Cluzel, announced this Monday, November 16, 2020 additional aid for disability. In particular a device for parents with disabilities.

The government presents, this Monday, November 16, 2020, new measures to help people with disabilities and their families. It is therefore an "Interministerial Committee for Disability " (CIH), which has been held since this morning in Matignon, chaired by Jean Castex and his Secretary of State for Disability Sophie Cluzel. About twenty ministers are also present, including Jean-Michel Blanquer (Education), Élisabeth Borne (Work) and Gérald Darmanin (Interior), we can read in Ouest-France. Note also the presence of various associations.
"By bringing together this CIH in this period of great trial for the whole of French society, and in the presence of disability associations, we are carrying a simple message: the crisis does not distract us from our fundamentals, and it must even lead to accelerate our policy, by ensuring that it is implemented equitably throughout our territory ", explains the handicap.gouv press release.

Financial assistance for disabled parents

The disability compensation benefit (PCH), which finances both human and material aid, will be extended from January 1, 2021 to cover parenting aid. "The 17,000 parents with disabilities will benefit from a PCH 'parenting' which will allow them, thanks to human and technical aids, to best support their child (ren) up to 7 years old. preparation of meals and dishes will be included in the food aid financed by the PCH. People entitled to the PCH before their 60 years old will be able to continue to benefit from it after 75 years ", indicates the CIH. Parents will be able to pay a third party, one hour a day, to help them take care of their child. And they will now also be entitled to the support of certain equipment.

Extended hiring assistance

As part of the France Relance plan, several new measures, such as hiring aid, will concern people with disabilities. It is thus a question of 4,000 euros granted "to companies and associations that hire a disabled employee, without age limit, on a CDI or CDD of at least three months. The initial deadline for hiring, set for February 28, 2021, is extended until June 30 2021. "
But also an increase in apprenticeship contracts for students with disabilities: "so that the CFA can accommodate any apprentice regardless of his disability, without age limit, they must now assess at the start of the contract, the apprentice's compensation needs with an identical grid for all professional branches. in charge amounts to 4,000 €. "

For any questions, a crisis support number for people with disabilities and caregivers has been set up: 0 800 360 360.

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