Sooner: Streaming for film fans with aspirations

Sooner started a few weeks ago. The new streaming platform sees itself as an alternative to the familiar mainstream.

With all the mainstream providers, it seems time to focus on more sophisticated content. As a competitor to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + and the other big names in the streaming business, the fresh Sooner platform, which was launched a few weeks ago, cannot be understood.

There aren't hundreds of superhero adventures and infinite popcorn entertainment out of Hollywood's orbit here. Instead, the focus is on art-house and indie productions as well as classics of European film. In addition to well-known filmmakers, young talents are also given a chance.

From festival films to Euro series

But that doesn't mean that film and series fans who are less familiar with the subject only get to see unknown faces. Currently in the Sooner catalog are productions like Rick Alverson's (49) drama "The Mountain" with Tye Sheridan (23, "Ready Player One") and Jeff Goldblum (67, "Jurassic Park") or "Willkommen bei den Rileys" with James Gandolfini (1961-2013, "Die Sopranos") and Kristen Stewart (30, "Personal Shopper") included – or Wolfgang Murnberger's (59) classics "Komm, Süßer Tod" and "Silentium" with the Austrian cult cabaret artist and actor Josef Hader (58, "Wild Mouse").

Andreas Wildfang, Managing Director of ContentScope, the Franco-German operating company of Sooner, explains in a press release: "Sooner's program is aimed at those who love sophisticated films and series." Accordingly, there are also numerous titles on offer that have already caused a sensation at major film festivals such as Cannes or can be seen exclusively on the new service, including the Israeli series "Mama's Angel", the Brazilian documentary "Bix Travesty" and the French comedy "The fine company" with Juliette Binoche (56, "Chocolat").

Where is the service?

According to Sooner, the streaming service is currently available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux countries. Other countries such as Italy and France are to follow accordingly. After a free 14-day test phase, the monthly cost for a subscription is 7.95 euros. With an annual membership, these decrease to 4.99 euros per month. Individual films can also be borrowed for 72 hours for 1.95 euros.

Much of the content is in the original language with subtitles; if German dubbed versions exist, these are also offered. Unfortunately, the contents of Sooner can only be accessed via a browser at the moment. Apps for iOS and Android devices are planned, but not yet available. In addition, support for Smart TVs and streaming solutions such as Apple TV or Fire TV from Amazon is to follow.