Sophia Loren: Will she be awarded an Oscar again?

"The Life Ahead" is their first full-fledged feature film in around a decade. That's why Sophia Loren returns in front of the camera.

At the end of September it became known that Sophia Loren (86) would be back in a full-fledged feature film after a decade. But what lured the Italian film icon back in front of the camera? Maybe the prospect of another Oscar?

"When I choose a new film, the story has to be inspired and motivated," Loren explains in an interview with "Bild". She is looking for a script that she can fall in love with – and that is not an easy endeavor with her. For Loren, filming itself is "like a fever, like a glowing passion".

How is work with the son?

"The Life Ahead", which will be shown on Netflix from November 13th, is the actress' third collaboration with her son Edoardo Ponti (47), who has directed . The film is based on the novel of the same name by the French writer Romain Gary (1914-1980).

How is it for Loren to work with her own son? "Edoardo has high demands and neither my long film experience nor the fact that I am his mother are motives for me to rebel against him," explains Loren. He knows her so well that he knows what she can give – and her son doesn't give in until he has achieved just that. Both are perfectionists.

What about another Oscar?

Another Oscar – she has already received an Oscar for best leading actress for "And yet they live" as well as an honorary Oscar for her life's work – at least she doesn't seem to be speculating, even if she would be happy about the award. "I am satisfied with the result, how I interpreted Madame Rosa and how my son managed to film this story," says Loren. Everyone on the set did their best.

"The nice thing about the Oscar is that it is awarded by actors and actresses and it is their recognition for having done an excellent job," explains the world star. Should she win the trophy, this means "that not only I, but also my colleagues appreciate and recognize my commitment and my work". This means a lot to her and is "something very special".

By the way, Loren's last film project is not supposed to be "The Life Ahead". So she sees herself in the future "as a working actress", who hopes that she will find more roles and scripts "that I fall in love with, as was the case now".


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