Sophia Thiel: The influencer says goodbye to her long hair

Sophia Thiel
The influencer says goodbye to her long hair

Sophia Thiel had blonde hair for years.

© imago images / Jörg Schüler

Sophia Thiel has said goodbye to her long, blonde hair. The YouTuber had her fans vote on the new styling beforehand.

Fitness influencer Sophia Thiel (26, “Simply slim and fit”) is not only known for her training videos, but also for her long, blonde hair. But now the 26-year-old has said goodbye to her old look. The special: She previously had her followers on Instagram vote on itwhat color and what cut it should be in the end. Thiel published the result of the major makeover on Sunday (April 11th) on their YouTube channel.

During the whole procedure, Sophia Thiel had to wear taped glasses so that she could only assess the result at the end. Right at the beginning, the fitness influencer reveals a little secret: “I have extensions,” admits the 26-year-old. She has been using artificial lengthening since 2015, as her hair had become thinner and shorter after a few bleaching. But now the extensions have to be taken out and your natural hair can be seen. Thiel’s hairstyle guess: “I think it will be darker, shorter and more layered.”

Sophia Thiel now wears her hair shoulder length

As soon as the glasses are on, it’s time to dye. Then hairdresser Stephanie takes scissors and a few inches fall. Before the big unveiling, there will also be styling and make-up. At the end, the result is presented: Sophia Thiel now has shoulder-length, dark-blonde hair. “Oh my god,” is the first comment from the visibly astonished fitness influencer.

80 percent of her fans would have voted for dark and short hair, explains the hairdresser. “Personally, I would never have dared to do it on my own,” Thiel is sure. You will have to get used to the new cut a little longer. But exactly such a type change was what she needed. “So thank you for your decision.”