Sophia Thomalla: She misses that in her relationship with Alexander Zverev

Sophia Thomasla
She lacks “togetherness” in her relationship with Alexander Zverev

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Sophia Thomalla, 33, tries to support her loved one from the stands as often as possible. She found her happiness in love with Alexander Zverev, 26, and has been with the tennis player for two years. As a sought-after presenter, however, she travels a lot herself. So time together is extremely rare for the couple.

Sophia Thomalla wishes for “more togetherness” with Alexander Zverev

In an interview with RTL, the 33-year-old openly admits what she is missing in her relationship. “Of course I would definitely wish for more togetherness in my own four walls,” she admits.

In the documentary “Zverev – The Unfinished” she had already noticed that with her job and her career in professional sports, two “particularly crass life models” meet. You enjoy the simplest things together, explained the “Are You The One” presenter, because “we don’t have a simple life together”.

Serious allegations against Alexander Zverev

Now the allegations by Brenda Patea, 29, are aggravating. The tennis star’s ex-girlfriend, with whom he has a daughter, recently reported him for assault. “I completely reject the allegations,” said the 26-year-old during a press conference at the ATP tournament in Hamburg on July 24. He can rely on his partner’s support during these times – and on her discretion on the sensitive issue that his lawyers are currently dealing with. “At the moment I’m not allowed to say anything about it, I can’t say anything and I don’t want to either,” said Sophia in the RTL interview.

With the little time that she and Zverev have together, headlines and rumors are rarely discussed. “We rarely talk about the media,” reveals Thomalla. There are things that are discussed, but she is “a little more Teflon” than her lover. The couple also seems to complement each other well in this case: “Sometimes I calm him down, sometimes he calms me down.”

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