Sophia Vegas: Daughter Amanda shouldn’t go to preschool yet

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker: Sophia Vegas is not yet sending her daughter to preschool +++ Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht explains his debts to the tax office +++ That’s why Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht does not pay maintenance for his daughter.

The celebrity news of the day in the GALA ticker

February 18, 2022

Sophia Vegas is not yet sending her daughter to preschool

The little daughter of Sophia Vegas, 34, is now three years old. The reality TV actress just threw Amanda a bombastic birthday party including her own zoo. For Sophia, the past three years with her daughter were the best of her life, as she says herself – and Bert Wollersheim’s ex, 70, would like to extend them.

Sophia lives with her husband Daniel Charlier and Amanda in the USA, where it is common for children to start preschool at the age of three. But Sophia has decided against it, as she says on Instagram: “I’ve now decided that Amanda won’t go to preschool yet because I listen to my heart and give her a little more time. I’m her caregiver at the moment and I just want to take advantage of that.”

Many users probably gave Sophia exactly this advice and she now gratefully accepts it.

February 17, 2022

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht explains his debts to the tax office

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, 30, is surprised by the tax investigation – a scene that will cause quite a stir in the new reality series “Die Ochsenknechts”. But how serious is it really about Jimi and his financial problems? In an interview with “Bunte”, he reveals that he trusted the wrong people and invested in a start-up project. When that went wrong, Jimi had to use his savings to pay off the creditors. “Even what I had put aside for the tax office,” he says.

But Jimi’s lifestyle also apparently played a role in the debt: “In the meantime, I’ve just lived too big. Spent too much on cars or partying.” Since Jimi has had a little daughter, that can’t happen to him anymore, he promises.

February 16, 2022

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht explains why he doesn’t pay maintenance for Snow

Recently, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, 30, and Yeliz Koc, 28, who separated before the birth of their daughter Snow Elanie, 4 months, seemed to get along well again. The actor even traveled to Thailand with his ex to take care of the little one while Yeliz was in front of the camera. But recently the former “Bachelor” participant revealed during an Instagram question and answer session that she had sole custody. “Right now I’m doing everything myself,” she said in reference to child support payments.

And what does Jimi say about that? “We have not agreed on any fixed payments at the moment, sometimes Yeliz pays, sometimes I pay. That hasn’t been necessary so far, because it roughly balances out,” he explains to “Bild”. In the future, however, this could change: “We have been together as a family for most of the time since Snow’s birth. Now we have just been together in Thailand for several weeks and I was alone with Snow when Yeliz was working. Sooner or later it will be but we will definitely make a fixed agreement.”

February 15, 2022

Cora Schumacher is being cooked by ex-husband Ralf on Valentine’s Day

The relationship between Cora, 45, and Ralf Schumacher, 46, was not always as harmonious as it is now. In the meantime, it is even rumored that the two are closer again than before, despite the divorce. Now the ex-couple is heating up the rumor mill again. The parents of one son spent Valentine’s Day together. The former Formula 1 racing driver even cooked for his ex-wife and the 45-year-old posted a snuggly photo with her dog online: “Come home.”

Despite the divorce, Cora and Ralf Schumacher are a well-rehearsed team. “The bond of marriage can break, but never the feeling of being there for each other,” said the former “Celebrity Big Brother” participant some time ago, explaining the reasons for her good relationship with the Formula 1 star. Only the Schumachers themselves know how close the two still are…

Yeliz Koc has sole custody of daughter Snow Elanie

After initial public strife, peace has finally returned to the Ochsenknecht/Koc family. Ex-partners Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, 30, and Yeliz Koc, 28, have managed to make peace for their daughter Snow Elanie. In the meantime, the mood seems to be so harmonious again that Jimi even accompanied his ex to Thailand for filming to take care of Snow Elanie.

But although Jimi sees his daughter regularly, he does not share custody with Yeliz, as the reality TV actress now informed in a question and answer session on Instagram. “I have sole custody,” she said, adding with regard to child support payments: “I’m currently taking care of everything myself.” Yeliz did not say why this decision was made.

February 14, 2022

Sophia Vegas is throwing a birthday party for Amanda

Only the best for the daughter! Sophia Vegas, 34, thought so too. The reality TV participant organized a birthday party at its best for Amanda. The girl is now three years old. To mark the occasion, her parents Sophia and her husband Daniel Charlier even had their own zoo built in the garden. The children’s eyes light up!

“Yes, can you believe that? I have a cow in the garden,” wrote the former “Celebrity Big Brother” candidate for a series of pictures on Instagram. The 34-year-old, her husband and a cow are photographed on a recording. An alpaca also seems to beautify the family garden. For Amanda, in addition to the animal party, there was also a declaration of love on social media: “The last three years have been the most beautiful in my life and I’m looking forward to many more wonderful moments,” Sophia commented on a sweet photo of herself and her daughter . The little one was certainly happy about her day of honor.

Melanie Müller burns a photo together with ex Mike Blumer

Most celebrities post romantic couple photos with their loved ones on Valentine’s Day, but Melanie Müller, 33, does the opposite, as so often. The reality TV actress seems to have a soft spot for not only making her breakup with Mike Blümer, 55, clear with words, but also symbolically underpinning it.

Already on New Year’s Eve, Melanie shot her wedding ring in the air with a rocket, now she burns a photo of herself and Mike and finds clear words for her ex: “No one has ever hurt me so much,” she writes about the short video on Instagram . And to tease Mike a little more, a boomerang follows in which she kisses her new partner. The two are just making Prague unsafe and distract themselves from Melanie’s memories of her estranged husband.

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