Sophie Davant and William Leymergie as a couple, “a divine surprise”: the underside of their love story…

In 2012, Sophie Davant separated from Pierre Sled. She finds love again with Erik Orsenna for a few months before reconnecting with celibacy. The one who is waiting for Prince Charming does not suspect that he is ready and that she has known him for years. It must be said that if Sophie Davant and William Leymergie have always remained close, the exchanges were less present. But the sudden death of Maryline, the host’s wife, in 2020 will change the situation.

Contacts will then gradually resume:[Sophie Davant] chooses to call her from time to time, just to tell her that he can count on her. He doesn’t grab the pole” recount Paris Match. It is finally the children of William Leymergie who ask Sophie Davant to “invite her home“: “He accepts. When the day comes, she discovers a strangely absent man, and in turn, she despairs. Despite everything, she tries to cheer him up, finds the tone and the codes of their “deconnades” of the Télématin era. Immediately, to his great surprise, he becomes himself again.“William Leymergie learns to rediscover”little Sophie from Télématinand falls in love with it.

It was during a one-on-one dinner that William got down to business: “In any case, she understands that he likes her. As a result, she refuses to take him seriously. She believes in one more joke, burst out laughing. He doesn’t laugh.“The rest, we now know. Sophie Davant and William Leymergie took their chance and are not about to let go. To see them so in love and amazed next to each other, they would indeed have been wrong to deprive yourself of it.

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